17 March, 2009

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker

We had an interesting walk this morning. First, there were so many other folks out walking, not just "Snowflakes" (Snowflakes refers to tourists generally - white ones at that. They are so white it almost hurts your eyes), but Belizeans as well, were out walking. Only one other person had their dogs out - a guy exercising his well-behaved pit bulls in the park by the seawall. It was just so unusual to see that many people out. Kind of nice. Maybe it's a trend.

I needed to go to the butcher this morning. There's another butcher in the market (down at the north end) that I was going to go to, to see if he had an pork roast meat for sale. I don't know what prompted us to walk by Frank's Meat Products to see if anyone was there. We've never done that before - just assumed that no one was there till like around 8:00 AM or so. This is with many months of daily walking behind us. One of those things. Whatever it was that prompted us to walk past Frank's this morning was providential. They were open for business and have been Tuesday through Friday all along (our loss).

Frank's is our favorite butcher shop, and it's almost right on the walking route, so cool, we'll not only get bones for the girls, but meat for us people as well.
Frank's Meat Products
I picked up a huge (4-5" thick) pork roast and two pounds of hamburger, which the girls got to carry back to Casa Winjama. Dianna's going to dump the roast along with veggies into the crock pot and let it do the cooking. Certainly keeps the kitchen cooler than trying to use the stove or oven.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Time for a shower and to get to work (so-called) for the day.



Anonymous said...

Just wondering if hamburger in Belize is ground beef or ground pork?

Dave Rider said...

Hi Vivien,
Generally, we've found it to be ground beef. I seem to recall one of our friends finding some that was a mix of beef and pork, for whatever reason.
Dianna reminded me that I forgot to include the cost. I got 2 lbs of hamburger and a 4" wide pork roast (I forgot how much it weighed) for $38.50 BZD. In the future, I'll try to capture weights, costs, etc., so readers can make meaningful comparisons.
Bon Appetit,