19 March, 2009

New Clothes Storage Thingie

Today was a nice day. We took delivery of a nice, custom made clothes storage item. Neither Dianna nor I could figure out exactly what it would be called - clothes shelves, armoir (of some sort), or...).

Anyway, we had this made along with a matching set of nightstands for the bed by Guillermo Magaña (the New Millenium Furniture Shop, Ranchito Village, 422-2552 or 624-3039), a noted cabinet maker here in Corozal. It's all made out of cedar, which, by the way, is way different than cedar that we knew up in the Northwest. We had the louvers spaced wider than usual to help with air circulation.
Armoir Showing the Inside
Showing the Outside
The upper center door with the mirror has no shelves and will probably be used for knick-knacks, etc. The lower center door also has no shelf. It will be our clothes hamper.

We each get two junk drawers. There's a center drawer that we'll probably have to fight over at some point. The unit itself is 6' wide by 6'6" tall by 1'2" deep.

The night stands have a slight problem... They're just a touch too tall (2'10"). I'd love to blame that on Mr. Magaña, but, no. It was my own doing. We checked the computer for the drawing I provided him. Funny, two-foot ten didn't look that tall in the drawing. We went ahead and left them alone as they'll probably give us a better light angle for reading in bed. I'll include some pictures of the night stands when we get them in place.

Total cost for the three pieces was $2850.00 BZD.


Anonymous said...

Evening folks!

Didn't get down for a gander today, wrapped up in the day here. Will get there in the next couple of days with the hubby!
Looks like the cedar goes really well with the color of your interior doors.

Richard Lawry said...

I have seen some of the most beautiful woodworking in Belize. I would love to have some of the handmade furniture, but the shipping makes it prohibitive.

An Arkies Musings

Dave Rider said...

That must be reason #221 to move down here - to save on shipping.