15 March, 2009

Speed Bumps For Sale?

I see in one of the ads on this blog, that some enterprising soul is selling speed bumps.

Speed Bumps Direct
UK's Cheapest, "Mega Deals"
Heavy Duty, Fast Free

What will they think of next? Hmmm, now that I think about it, Belize should have gone into this business years ago. Both the raised speed bumps (which here come in two varieties, smallish macadam bumps, and the (usually) concrete jaw busters which would do serious damage to you and your vehicle if you hit it at speed), and the sunken ones we call potholes, which work just as well.

By God, if we could figure out how to export these things, Belize would have the best roads, at least in Central America if not the whole western hemisphere. I can't speak about Europe cause, you know,

"...The Germans - They always make great stuff!"
Vince, the Shamwow Guy

High-centered on speedbumps,

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous28/3/09 21:30

    Bite your tongue!


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