24 May, 2017

Just So You Know

You might think you have a humid day now and then, or you might not. Around 5:00 AM, it begins to get light enough on the veranda to see or temperature device (we got this from Mae and Craig when they moved back to the States.).

I thought at that time that we were having one of those 'humid' days. The temperature read 82℉, with the humidity at 83%. I grabbed my camera and took a photo of the screen. But I was wrong. I checked again at about 6:11 AM when I took the photo below. The temperature had stayed the same, but the humidity had jumped a point.

While we were having our morning cup of coffee on the veranda, Dianna and I had just talked about the lack of a breeze and that everything felt like glue. Well, not just 'glue,' but more properly 'Ga-loo!' As in, break out the machetes and cut the air, just to be able to breathe, much less to walk across the room.
The Normal State of Affairs
This is heading into the time of the year (hurricane season) when we have these sort of figures as our norm each day. In fact, the temperature today is supposed to go up to 96℉. The humidity, later in the morning, will usually drop significantly, all the way down to the mid-seventies or so, making the temperature much more tolerable.

This is one of the big reasons that we have this:
Alternate Air-Conditioning

20 May, 2017


She's gone. We said goodbye to Secret yesterday. Her kidneys finally gave up. Thankfully, everything moved quite fast for her. She was a big part of our lives for a long time. We will miss her very much.

Not bad for a big girl from San Pedro. Thirteen years. Much of that walking about four-and-a-half miles almost every day. About the only times that we didn't walk was either during or after a rain when our road was too muddy and slick to walk.

That's a lot of miles. Say we walked about 300 days a year, over ten years, that works out to about 13,500 miles under her pads.

Other than wanting to chase squirrels, walking was her favorite daily activity. The other was going for rides. She never missed an opportunity to go for a ride.

Secret - ~2005 - 2017
Here are Secret and Cindy on guard. Actually, with the leashes on, I suspect they're getting ready to go for a walk.
Cindy and Secret On Guard
This one is back in the days when we had the round plastic pool, Secret, and Cindy again.
Cindy and Secret Resting
This one is with Dianna teaching Secret how to walk on a lead. She was a quick learner.
Dianna and Secret
Secret, just looking cool.
Ooh, What A Pretty Girl
Secret, getting inspected at the traffic stop for contraband treats.
Traffic Police Checkpoint
Somebody really likes to play in the rain and mud.
Secret After A Romp In the Rain
Another episode of playing in the mud. In the background, you can see the 24-ft, diesel truck we had as our storage unit for a while. That was why we finished off the downstairs area below the Mennonite house. We could live in the Mennonite house, but just not big enough for that and storing stuff.
Secret After Playing In the Rain
Sitting up and begging was a hard trick for Secret to learn, but as you can see, once she learned it, she used it to good advantage, and at every opportunity.
Secret Looking For A Treat
Nap time, on the other hand, was something that came naturally to her. This too was done at every opportunity.
Secret Pooped Out
This shot may look like a nap, but it isn't. This is Secret, zonked out from a visit to Dr. Sheila to have porcupine quills removed from her muzzle. A painful experience, that was worth trying a second time shortly after this episode. Thankfully, she did learn her lesson after that.
Secret Totally Zonked
Secret, ready to go for whatever the activity might be.
The Girls
Back when winters here necessitated wearing long pants (and frequently toques (knit hats), gloves, and jackets.
Walking With the Girls

23 April, 2017

Weekend Project Update.

This is an update on a couple of projects that all seemed to hang fire at about the same time.

The driveway - All the curbing that needed to come out is now out.

Curbing Out For Escape Path
Thanks to Carlos and his son George. The electrical box that had been uncovered is now covered and protected by a slab of concrete.

Turn Off by the Gate
We're now ready to bring in two 15-yard loads of chippings, smallish pieces of rock that will be the fill for the driveway, both the new part and a new layer on the existing part.

Found Good Signpost
 We even have a sign that will be going up showing which way to go to use the driveway.

I raided my leftover pile and found a good length of fence tubing that will work great as a signpost. I even managed to find a cap for the post after it's installed in concrete. that'll keep rainwater from going in the post and rusting it out from the inside.

Custom Sign
Here's the sign that will be mounted to the post. I had it made down at CGI Graphics on Seventh Avenue. They're the same outfit that made our 'Beware of Crocodile' sign a few years ago.

The Solar Heater Pump - The service kit has been ordered, shipped, and received by You Have Mail in Medley, Florida. Now, I'm just waiting for the kit to be shipped down here. I'm hoping to get it this next week.

It should be a piece of cake to reassemble the pump. Doug and Twyla will help me with it to make sure that the motor isn't being overdriven by the solar panel. The Controller box should solve that problem.

The LG Refrigerator - I had reached the end of my troubleshooting skills and still hadn't solved the problem with the fridge. It wouldn't hold a charge. I figured there was a leak, but///

Anyway, I posted on FaceBook looking for some advice on what to do with a dead behemoth of a fridge. One of the answers came the next day from Nairobi Rancheron (501-604-6145, and on FaceBook), who works on refrigerators and A/C units He thought it was worth trying to repair it.

So, he arranged for a truck and some strong-backed young guys to move the fridge to his workshop. I think that was Saturday a week ago. He thought he'd be able to have it ready by the next Saturday.

Well, what do you know? He called up Friday morning and said it was all repaired. Nairobi got the same crew to move it back. I'll hand it to him, it works great. Turns out there was a leak in the condenser, which he resoldered. After a complete recharging process, and replacing the filter and a few other minor things. It's as good as new. It's cold, and it makes great ice. My hat's off to Mr. Nairobi. He has my highest recommendation.