05 August, 2018

Our Newest Little Girl

Here's some shots of Coco, the newest member of our family. She was about four months old when we got her. The first four photos were taken on 05 May, 2018. We'd had her about a week at that time, I think.

I would see her along with her siblings at the realty building next to Henry Menzies' Caribbean Village on 7th Avenue. Her mom was the guard dog there. She would come to the fence and bark at me and the girls as we walked by every day.

The mom looked to be at least part Doberman and the five pups were all really nice looking and active. I decided to stop at Henry's office to see if it would be possible to get a pup. The office manager asked if I wanted all five. Well, yes, but, no. One would do. Finding out that one of them was a female and with really nice markings helped make the decision.

Coco, as we named her, is very much part Doberman, and probably has at least a bit of Rottweiler as well, as a couple of Henry's other dogs were Rotties.

She's growing by leaps and bounds. She will be a big dog. I think her feet are growing faster than the rest of her, so if that is any indication.

She's had her first and second puppy shots and is coming up on six months old. We'll be scheduling her 'tutoring' soon.

Coco has also started walking with the other dogs. She took readily to the leash and is picking up the routine and rules of the walk quickly. I started her off on a short walk, from here to One Mall (our big, super-sized grocery store) and along the highway to Tony's Inn and back home - about a mile or so for a walk. That worked so well, that after a couple of times, I shifted her over to the long walk, about 4 miles. On that one, we walk to the post office, market, and other places.

All of this is done, starting at 5:30 AM, so we avoid most of the heat of the day. Still, by the time we get back, my shirt is wet enough, I can wring out the water.

I'll work at getting a current photo of her for comparison. She's growing quickly.

Coco Looking Out
Checking Out Small Ants
A Nice Image of Her

Lost Her Toy Under the Table Pedestal
Checking Things Out

Laundry Day at Casa Winjama

It happens every now and then. Well, pretty much weekly. Laundry. All the salt stains and sweat have to be washed out of everything you wear here, especially this time of year. But, since our uniform of the day consists mainly of swimsuits, shorts, Tees, and polo shirts, doing the laundry becomes a fairly cut and dried affair.

Thankfully, it's a task with willing assistance.

For example, Admiral Lord Nelson sees it as his beholden duty to make sure the hamper is sufficiently tamped down so that nothing will fall out en route to the laundry room.
Nelson Doing His Part
I managed to carry the hamper with him in it the full length of the house. It wasn't until I set it down in the laundry room that he decided he'd had enough of that falderol and jumped out. Since he weighs on the order of twenty one or so pounds, he adds significantly to the hamper load.

It's not a very clear photo. I tried sharpening it up, but no go for that. What can I say?

31 July, 2018

Renting Out Our Mennonite House

Upper-level house for rent

This rental is an upper level, wooden, MoveInReady house. It is on a large, fenced lot with landlord’s separate house on the property. Landlord’s dogs reside on the property (therefore, no additional pets allowed). Location of property is about 2 miles out of Corozal town and on bus line. Quiet south end neighborhood.

$600 USD monthly plus utilities and deposits ($750 USD).

Landlord will provide a $100 BZ credit toward monthly utility bill. Tenant is responsible for any amount over $100 BZ. (House is on its own meter).

* Adult only
* Second story dwelling is NOT handicapped accessible
* Two bedrooms, one bath
* WiFi available
* Tenant is responsible for electricity, butane, and WiFi.
* Ceiling fans in all rooms - No A/C
* Additional amenities are listed with photos.

Please email me if interested.

You can click on each of the photos below to view an expanded version of each.
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Front View of Upper Story Rental
Screened-In Front Veranda
Living Room Area
Dining Area
Fully-Equipped Kitchen
With Appliances, Cookware,
and Dishes
Double-Bed First Bedroom.
All Linens Are Provided.
Not Shown is the Armoire
Bathroom And Large Shower
Towels Are Provided
Second Bedroom/Office
Comfortable Double Inner-Spring
Mattress Futon. Large Closet and
Shelves Not Shown
Back Screened-In Veranda
Street-Side Entrance Stairs
Home Has Security Lighting
and Other Security Features
Lower Level Laundry Area. Not
Shown is a Generous Storage Area
For Gardening Enthusiasts
A Raised Bed Garden Area
For Your Use
Floor Plan and Property Layout