24 January, 2012

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Wouldn't you just know it... We (well, Dianna actually) spent a good part of the day yesterday reorganizing the bathroom after we completed the installation of our new bathroom medicine cabinets and shelving.
Bathroom Cabinet From the Doorway
Today, was supposed to be easy. We were going to do up the dishes (that is a team effort) and sweep and put all the remaining debris away - like the old and rusty over-the-toilet shelf, and our little three drawer thing that we've had for ages, stuff like that. Then, we were planning on relaxing for the rest of the day. Maybe spend some time in the pool and just kick back and take it easy.
Bathroom Cabinet From the Shower
Nope. Not us. Nosiree! We had something else to do. For some unknown reason we were both looking in the under-sink cabinet and I mentioned to Dianna that I thought we should put something under our 'Tupperware' containers (actually, our collection of margarine and yogurt containers) as it seemed kind of oily and wet.

Well, one thing led to another, as it does in these situations and before we knew what had hit us we had everything hauled out of the under-sink cabinets and found that we had a bona fide leak from the hot water line and sink shut-off valve.
Kitchen Blown Apart
The very next thing, I was rooting around found myself enroute to Lano's Hardware (trip #1, for those who count such things) to buy a new valve. Got that installed and, sumbeach, the press fitting of the line was leaking too. Back to Lano's (trip #2). This time, I bought two replacement lines, figuring that if I didn't also change out the cold water side... Well, you can guess.
Kitchen's A Wreck
Anyway, I got back and Dianna and I began scraping all the putty tape off the sink and the countertop. Now it was time to get some putty tape (Trip #3). And, I thought, brilliantly, that when we originally installed the sink, there were no sink clips, which actually hold the sink in place to the counter top and draw the sink down close to the counter, thus minimizing opportunities for leakage from the counter top.

Since by now, it was almost lunch time, I thought I'd stop at Mario's and pick up a couple orders of rice and beans and stew chicken for lunch. That part was fine. The part that didn't work out too well was the sink clips and the putty tape.

I stopped at Lano's again and asked Kim if he had any sink clips and putty tape. He immediately dove under the counter and came up with a plastic bag full of metal bits. We managed to untie the bag and examined the contents. I asked him if he knew how the pieces were supposed to work. His answer was a giggled "No." As far as the putty tape (I know I've bought it there before, but that doesn't mean anything) there as a "No" for that as well.

I continued playing with the clips for a couple more minutes and decided something must be missing. So, I didn't buy them. I figured I'd scoot over to Villa's Imports and see if they had my sink clips.
Mysterious Sink Clip
Villa's, short and sweet, no on both counts. Ok, what now? Still a couple minutes till twelve noon. Shoot for it, go over to National Hardware and see if Andy knows what's what.

Well, I get over to National and manage to talk to Andy. He didn't have any putty tape either. I asked him what everyone used to secure their sinks to the counter top. They use adhesive acrylic caulk. This was the same answer I'd gotten from each of the other stores as well. Ok, I'd buy a couple of tubes of that. Now for the clips. Andy went back to one of his shelves and also came up with a tied plastic bag. By the time I'd gotten it opened, Andy had slipped out onto his motorcycle and left for lunch. I asked the other sales folks if they knew how the clips were supposed to be used. Again "No". Well, by this time, I figured they were probably the correct clips. I was just too dumb to figure them out, so I bought the bag (it held eight clips).

On to Mario's. I was getting hungry. Rice and beans - true fast food. I had the two meals bagged and on the road in about three minutes. Dianna and I took a well-deserved break for lunch.

She looked at the clips and couldn't figure them out either. By then, it was time for her to take a nap. So, I got on the computer and searched for the clips on the Intertubes. They have all sorts, just not the ones I was looking for.

Shortly thereafter, Denis called, saying he needed a ride home from Rick Magana's, our mechanic. While ferrying Denis back, I had him look at a set of the clips as well. He couldn't make sense of them either. He did look under his kitchen sink after we got back home. No dice. His sink doesn't have clips either. Apparently his installers couldn't figure it out either.

Ok. That meant I was going to use the caulk to  hold everything together and screw the clips. Reassembly of everything went quite well. We only had one minor leak that was easily solved. The caulking went down equally easy, and then we were done. Not bad. Four O'clock in the afternoon and we were at exactly the place we'd been at eight in the morning. A whole day shot. Oh, well, we actually did stop a potentially bad leak, and the sink got re-caulked - something I'd been wanting to do, just really not right now.

I do plan to make it back down to National (would that trip count?) and see if Andy knows how the clips are supposed to work. Just not today. It's time for a beer.


Anonymous said...

Dave, Dave, Dave ....

Look at for an idea of how the sink clips work (depending on what you actually have available). I have had more experience with loosening them (and having them fall on my glasses; yes wear safety glasses!). Google sink clips! Including for other images. I hate sink clips!!!


Dave Rider said...

Hi Dennis,

See, that's the problem and the romance of a third world (excuse me, 'developing') country.
This POS sink has no punch-outs, it came with no clips, it does have a ridge underneath for clips. But, and it's a big 'but', the only clips available anywhere are these cheesy things that come with no instructions or even a drawing of how it's supposed to work.
Now, we add in the fact that there's only about six inches under the bottom of the sink to work in for half of the sink. This includes the drain pipe assembly.
So, anyway, long story short, as they say, it's all back together with no leaks. Good enough, I say!

PS - We went out to eat last evening since the kitchen is a wreck - still need to clean up after all is said and done. We each had a bodacious burger at Primo's and the Belikin was ice cold. - d

Unknown said...

Thanks again for my morning chuckle. The bathroom pix are great. Looks wonderful. The kitchen...... ah the joys of home ownership. Remember when we had to keep up with all of that stuff and work for a living too?

Dave Rider said...

Hi Colleen,

Where did we find the time??? Ah, fond remembrances for sure.


JRinSC said...

Hi there,

I just thought of something to take your mind off your worries -- a little bit. We've just discovered (4 years or so late) a wonderful singing group known as "Il Divo". Simon Cowell, of all people, found these guys and put them together. Their music is called "popera" or "operatic pop" or just "classical crossover."

Whatever the genre -- what you have is four great soloist, each having a good career of 10 years or so, put together and told to come up with a new way to sing some "non opera" music with their great, trained voices. They really are awesome. Here is a link to one of their videos on youtube:

Enjoy -- I sincerely hope you can view them and see what I mean.

Good luck,


JRinSC said...

On that link I sent you earlier -- be sure to copy both lines together and paste into your browser.


Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

Thanks for the link to 'Il Divo'. I'll definitely look them up.

One of my favorite operatic moments is when Bugs is giving Elmer a haircut... (I couldn't resist it).

One thing I didn't mention in the story of kitchen disaster - yesterday morning, when I make coffee, I did that. As I was sitting surfing the news channels on the TV, I suddenly realized I wasn't hearing the burbling of the coffee maker. "Dangit, I forgot to turn it on", I thought. So, I dashed out to the kitchen.

To my dismay, the red light was on, but no worky-worky from the machine. Deader than the proverbial doornail.

Luckily, we had a spare down in the pool house, which I retrieved and was able to create some magic juice and save the morning.

I dissected the dearly departed, but could find no discernible problem and, it's probably not worth the trouble or expense to repair. I think we got about 10 years service from it, so it was time.

Thinking about this is making me want to fire up the newcomer maker a tad early. Might just do that anyway and listen to 'Il Divo' while I'm at it.