28 January, 2012

And a Couple More Back Steps

If we were doing the two-step, I'd trip and fall.

What a run of stuff not fitting, breaking, falling apart, etc. First it's the new bathroom cabinet not quite fitting, then the kitchen sink leaking everywhere, then the coffee maker dies, then the Isuzu A/C not working (it was only charged half-way, and now - wait for it...

The swimming pool. Yes, folks, the damn pool has now developed a crack under the skimmer, causing water to leak out of the pool. I'm almost afraid to stick my head out from under the covers in the morning, except it's warm enough that we're sleeping without using any covers.

Fortunately, everything so far has been an easy fix. The bathroom cabinet is trimmed down, installed and works great; the kitchen sink has been thoroughly re-caulked, Teflon-taped and fittings tightened, thanks in no small part to Dianna's assistance with that project; the coffee maker made it to the trash (after I toyed with the idea of repairing it) and a replacement procured from the pool house; the Isuzu A/C has been completely charged and has the capability to freeze occupants in place; and John Harris, our pool-builder, is on tap to bring his crew in Wednesday morning to not only fix the crack and strengthen the area around and over the skimmer, but he's going to re-do some areas around the lip of the pool where the Diamond Brite wasn't looking quite as sparkly as it should. And, it should be only a one day project - Drain the pool Tuesday afternoon or evening, work on the pool Wednesday morning and afternoon, and fill it Wednesday evening.

What happened to the 'it comes in three's' thing? I think that's just a crock. I think it comes how it comes and you just have to deal with it. Well, I'm tired of it and want to go back to the 'three thing' rule.

So, can we take the day off?

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