22 January, 2012

Bathroom's Finishing Touches

Finally, after about three and a half years, we're just about done with putting our bathroom together.

We had Kim and Ruth Longsworth's Bessa Decor cabinet shop fabricate a custom medicine cabinet and shelving for us and they installed it yesterday.

Here's a part of the design drawing I came up with for the cabinets.
Part of the Design
The idea I had was that they would probably bring the cabinet in three pieces and install it, along with a spacer to give the cabinet a final close-fit look. Surprise, surprise. What they showed up with was a one-piece unit that they actually had to plane and sand down to fit. Always a different interpretation.
Sanding The Cabinet
After a bit of planing and sanding, it was ready for installation. It was still a tight fit. But it really looks nice now that it's in place.
Checking the Cabinet Out
Here you can see the interior of the medicine cabinet itself.
Inside the Medicine Cabinet
Here's a view of the final adjustment during the installation. It's all supported by screws into the wall studs, so it should be pretty bomb-proof.
Adjusting the Fit
During the installation, even after the planing and sanding, it was still necessary to temporarily remove some of the bathroom door molding and a light switch in order that the cabinet assembly could be passed alongside.
Reinstalling Door Trim
Then a bit of cleanup and touch-up some of the paint and it was done.
Final Cleanup
We let it sit overnight so all the paint had plenty of time to thoroughly dry. The next two shots show the completed medicine cabinet. In the mirror you can see a bit of the other cabinet we had them make. It has three drawers on the bottom. It is long and narrow and was hard to take a photo of it so that's all you see.
Medicine Cabinet Showing Other Cabinet
Another View
Today, we'll put the bathroom back together. I hope we have enough storage.


Emily said...

Wow, now that is bathroom storage! Good job...I have bathroom shelf envy. :)

caprice said...

hi- your blog is very helpful.. i am trying to reach Franz weib but the number on your blog is not in service- do you have ontact for him- we need our well completed

Dave Rider said...

Hi Emily,

We don't get bathroom shelf envy any too often. Your comment gave us a chuckle. Thanks. Glad you like it.


Hi Caprice,

I only have the one number for Franz. You might try his business partner, Jose Camara, 501-661-4699. I'll check a couple friends in the morning and see if they have an updated number for Franz.
Glad you like the blog.