20 January, 2012

Art of Quality

Finally, some quality art in Corozal... Well, on the northern approaches to Corozal anyway. To be specific, the Mira Montes Bar on the Northern Highway, about half a mile north of Corozal.

Here's the whole 'Monty' so to speak. This is right alongside the highway as you're coming into town. Sort of hard to miss, although I didn't see any flashing lights directing your attention to it.
Mira Montes Bar
And for those whose eyesight may be failing, here's a blowup of just the mural.
Close-Up of the Mural
I understand through the grapevine that some folks feel it's not really representative of Belizean women. Hmmm, must be in the same vein that 'Little Annie Fanny', who was a cartoon character featured in Playboy magazine (a well known literary rag) back in the 60's (for those of you who may go back that far) was representative of the archetype of American women,

Anyway, I thought the mural was kinda fun. What do you think?

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