02 May, 2011

So Why Make Rules?

About two weeks ago or so, the Corozal Town Council (CTC) had a worker diligently putting up signs all along the waterfront park areas. The signs read: "No Parking On The Beach. Fine Of $50.00 - CTC," as you can plainly see in the photo blow-up below.
Here's One Of The Signs
So, ever since the signs went up, the waterfront park activity has continued pretty much the way it always does - vehicles seeming to enjoy the park as much as people. They must, since the cars are parked all over most of the park areas.

It's not like the parks don't get crowded, they do. That's one of the cool things about Corozal - its waterfront parks really do get used every day, by a lot of people. Especially on weekends, the crowds can be quite large. It would be great to have all this space for people.
Some Of The Many Vehicles In The Parks
Maybe the CTC isn't going to enforce parking rules such as this on the weekends. That sounds logical in a way, but, I go past a good stretch of the waterfront park areas several times just about every day. And, it's the same thing, cars parked willy-nilly all over the waterfront park areas.

And, it's not like there's a shortage of street parking close to the park. Just the opposite. There's plenty of parking on the street. More than enough to cover all the cars parked in the park with plenty left over.
Another Park - More Cars
One has to question... Why make rules when there appears to be absolutely no intention of enforcing them? It must be like so many rules here (not just Corozal, but the whole country) - kind of a 'wink, wink, nudge, nudge' sort of thing. The rule looks good on paper, but takes too much effort to follow through.

Why waste the time to put it on paper? Why waste the paper? I wonder how much it cost to have the signs made and to get them all posted?

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