22 April, 2011

Shade Galore

We have the awning up with both sides up and providing shade. It works really well so far.
Awning Looking East To the Canal
Of course, it's not done completely yet. We've got to get a couple more runs of support wire under each section, so they're divided into thirds lengthwise, and a few other fittings and stuff. But, basically it's done.
And Looking West
There were two objectives with this project. 1) Provide shade to keep the water a smidge (2 to 3 degrees cooler, if possible); 2) Provide shade to keep the deck cooler. Just walking from the sliding glass doors to the pool steps (about 10 feet), your feet can literally feel like they've been burnt and are ready to blister; and 3) to provide shade to keep users a little cooler, or to at least cut the intensity of the sun when you're just hanging out pool-side. Alright, there were three objectives. Sounds a bit like Monty Python. At least no one mentioned the Spanish Inquisition...
Looking Up From the Parking Area
I took a couple of shots from other angles, just to give you the idea of how it looks.
And Looking Down From the Front Porch
All in all, we're very happy with the way the thing turned out. Now, once I get the details completed, after the Easter holiday of course, then all will be well.

Now, we have to get a bit more furniture out there - two or three tables, more chairs, and probably a chaise lounge or two ought to round it all out. Of course, we'll have to figure out what to do with everything come hurricane time, but, that's another issue.

Have a nice holiday. Hope the Easter Bunny reaches your place.



Anonymous said...

Looks great. About what is the wind speed like there? We may have to do something like this as well since the sand will also start your soles smokin'. Our wind speed is frequently 12 to 15 mph. Great idea, great job.

One point though: I wasn't expecting the Spanish Inquisition!


Dave Rider said...

Hi Dennis,

That's easy. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Our average wind speed from the Winjama Weather Station right here at Winjama Central is about 4.6 Kts. Our highest gust this year has been 24.5 Kts.
We'll definitely be on guard for rainy season and hurricanes. Thanks for the nice comment.

JRinSC said...

Great job D&D!! I'm up at Blountville, TN (find that in GoggleEarth) - hint: near Bristol at some friends and had to see how the project came together. Outstanding (I was in the Navy) but the word fits. Just wish I could trade a few hills for a couple of Palapa Huts, etc. At least is is great weather so we're all right.

Thanks for the play by play -- now have a wonderful Easter time.


Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

As a former PhibPac sailor, I appreciate an 'Outstanding' very much! Thanks.

Hey, just keep in mind that some serious planning and several years of determinedly following that plan gets you to your goal. We did it - and we're not geniuses nor are we rich.

We will have a wonderful Easter. I hope you do too.


Lion Lady said...

You & D did a fantastic job again!!Looks great and the lower few degree can made a real difference in your climate. Two questions, how do you & how fast can you dismantle the mesh netting when you get a hurricane warning?

Dave Rider said...

Hi Lion Lady,

Thanks for the comment. As far as dismantling the fabric... I'm estimating about a half hour for the whole thing.

We're using locking caribiners and we lubricated all the threads (upper and lower) with silicone grease so they'll be relatively easy to unlock.

The process is: Climb up the ladders; Undo the lines on both the windward and leeward sides; Attach a pull line and pull the fabric to the lee side; Move the ladders to the lee side, climb up the ladders; Use the lines you undid to tie each bunch of fabric into a tight bundle; Undo the 'biners; Lower the fabric bundles and stuff them (with 'biners attached to the fabric) into the utility room along with the ladders; and Go take care of something else.

We keep a couple of ladders near to hand along with two small adjustable wrenches for the inevitable stuck 'biner.

So, that is about it. Not a big deal unless you wait till the last minute, then wind could be a real factor with about 87 sq. yards of fabric to deal with.