20 August, 2010

hospes domus exertus cedo

That translates from the Latin roughly, Guesthouse Projects Proceeding.
Guesthouse Kitchen Faucet
The latest project I've been working on is installing the kitchen faucet for the guesthouse. It's a beaut. We had gone to Chetumal to look at several places for kitchen faucets. We didn't really see anything we liked and they weren't very cheap. So, I went back to Lano's Supply and looked at their faucets and we bought one.

Drilled a hole in the resin and fiberglass sink, got the faucet installed. This took a while as I though we had a leak in the faucet after I first hooked it up. Turns out a gasket was missing in the hand sprayer, which Lano's replaced, free of charge.

Next up is the one I'm currently working on.
Under Sink Kitchen Drain
This bit has gone from bad to worse. It started as a small drip at the p-trap, and has now grown to a steady stream. Very frustrating. I'm currently rebuilding the white drain pipe assembly and will rework the glued connection to the stand-pipe. I think I've got some angles wrong. But we'll get it sorted out soon. It's just frustrating in that this side is the non-pressurized side, and the leak has gotten worse the more I've tinkered with it.
On the other hand, a miss is as good as a mile, especially if it's visible for a mile or more. In this case, it's the new construction and signage on the forth floor of the new Cinty's building.
Phillip Batty dna Sons
We noticed this one the other day, of course, while walking the doggies.


Anonymous said...

You do have your angles wrong. The trap it's self must be straight up and down. It can angle in or out but must be straight. I can see where your leak is from the pix.

Dave Rider said...

Thanks Anymouse. It leaked even when straight. I'll take a whack at it in the morning. More pics (hopefully of a successful fix) will be forthcoming.


hose adapters said...

Nice! I also want to install new faucet in our house. I've got an idea here. Thanks for sharing.


Dave Rider said...

Hi Seff,

Thanks for the nice comment. Yesterday, I reworked the drain for the kitchen, but, unfortunately still have a small drip on the out side of the p-trap, so I'm going to remedy the situation with a little epoxy. I know it's not kosher, but I'd rather work on something else at this point.

Unknown said...

Hi Dave,

Hope all is well.

A quick trick for the future. Dry fit everything first. When everything looks good make vertical marks with a magic marker so you know how the pieces should fit when you glue them up. I went thru 3 trips to Home Depot and $20 worth the parts a few years ago working that one out.

BTW: How did you ever make out with the wireless system?

Best Regards,

Bob Moldashel

JRinSC said...

Hi DAve,

Hope all is ok down there. Please post something so we know you guys are fine....

JRinSC said...

Hi Dave...

Just checking on you two. Not normal for you to go this long without a post. Hopefully it is just internet problems.

But please, if you can, let us know you are ok down there.


Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

Yes, we're OK down here. It's just hot, hot, hot, which necessitates two pool times a day. We're still working on the guesthouse, although it's getting nearly done.
Plus, we have work proceeding on the bulkhead, so that looks like it will finally get done.
I promise a new posting PDQ, or thereabouts - soon. You and several others have written, texted, emailed, etc., to let me know. I'll be mending my ways directly.


Alan said...


It appears, from the photo, that you have a trap under each sink so why intall a "P" trap. Just a straight connection to your sewer pipe should suffice.


JRinSC said...

Thanks for the update... It is slowly starting to cool down up here. We had 57 straight days of over 90 degrees this summer - a record. Now if I just had somewhere south where it is still warm....

Take care and continued good luck on all your projects. Hope you got that plumbing drain problem fixed up ok.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Alan,

You're probably right, but, having never seen a double layout like this one before, I figured better safe than sorry, so added the 'p' trap. It all works fine now, with the exception that the water coming out of the tap is almost devoid of pressure. I'll troubleshoot that soon.