10 July, 2010

More on the Kitchen Cabinets

I had a bit more time today so I took a few more detailed shots of the kitchen cabinets. We'll start with the upper corner cabinet. It has a double door with a piano hinge providing great access to the huge corner area.
Double-Door Corner Cabinet
Next, is a shot of the new stove vent fan I picked up just this morning. Of course, it's still waiting for me to install it.
New Stove Vent Fan
And that's waiting for me to find some 6" or 7" rigid vent piping. I haven't even begun to look for it, so I don't know about the availability. If I can find it in Corozal, that'll be a high-five moment.
Above Stove Where Vent Fan Will Be Installed
Above is where the vent fan will be installed. Of course, I have to cut holes in the top, bottom, and shelf of the cabinet for the vent piping. In addition, I'll have to cut through the concrete wall to vent the stove effluvia to the outside.

I had mentioned that I had re-routed some wiring to the inside of one of the cabinets. Here's a view of that job. I took the opportunity to mount the roll-up door controller in the same cabinet. Turned out pretty neat if I do say so.
Wiring inside the cabinet
Moving on around, here's the lower cabinet to the left of where the stove will be. Each drawer can be rolled out for it's full length. Kind of a nice touch for heavy pots and pans.
Slide 'Em Out, Push 'Em In
The island can do double duty as a food preparation area - its top is actually a cutting board surface. Half of the table can be folded up. It's legs drop out automatically. We think it will provide a nice space-saving table of real use to whoever stays here as well as us besides.
Island Table Top/Work Surface
Besides, the island is on wheels and rolls around, expanding it's utility and flexibility. It also has a large storage area under the work surface.
Island Storage Area
The final bit is the crown molding that runs around the top edge of the upper cabinets.
Crown Molding Sets the Cabinets Off Just Right
Ok. That's enough on the cabinetry for the time being. Hope you enjoy.


Barmy Belle said...

Okay, I am assuming these lovely cabinets are going in the guest house?
If so, I don't know how you are going to get your guests to ever leave. They are lovely!

Dave Rider said...

Hi Jill,

Yes, the cabinets are going in the guesthouse... that is, until we decide to move in, then our old house will become the guesthouse.

They did turn out quite nice and on time too, unusual in our experience here.


Dave Rider said...

What!!?? You're not watching the World Cup? It's half-time Nil-Nil. Lotsa yellow cards and free kicks. Come on, Holland, get the lead out!

Barmy Belle said...

I'm listening to it whilst doing some work. The CBC is playing the BBC's coverage.
I am however waiting to watch the OT after a nil-nil draw after 90 mins!