08 July, 2010

Kitchen Cabinets Are In

Would you believe it? Three weeks from order to installation for completely custom kitchen cabinets made right here in Corozal.
Our Cabinets All Over the Place
Charlotte told us about her cabinets and how happy she was with them. So, we followed up with a visit to Kim Longsworth's cabinet shop - easily the largest cabinet shop I've seen in Corozal. Kim also has a very nice display room showing off the talents of his workers. They do a lot of interesting stuff.
Showing Some of the Lower Cabinets
Dianna wanted the cabinets in a satin-finished white, with lattice-style doors, except for some that would have etched glass. The countertop is about 1.5" inch butcherblock made up of a variety of local hardwoods. Against the white it's gorgeous. We also got an island, but with a difference. This island also has wheels so it can be moved around as needed. Something else as well - it has a drop-leaf extension that allows it to double as a dining table. It's really quite cool. There's even storage under the island work-top - which is the same butcherblock as the counter.
More Cabinets Going Up
We don't have a stove yet, nor do we have the stove vent hood. We'll buy the stove (a Mabe 24" model with igniter) locally. The vent hood we had to special order from Benny's in Belize City. We wanted a 24" vent to go with the stove and there's nary a-one in Belize. That should be arriving in another week or so. Which means I'll have to find a 3" or 4" hole saw to cut the vent pipe openings in the cabinetry and punch a similar hole through the concrete wall. No biggie on either note. We do have the microwave. Dianna had a shelf made for it, so that the microwave wouldn't be taking up valuable counter space.
Microwave Shelf and Other Cabinets
Two of the doors, the upper and lower corner doors, are piano-hinged together so they open up with really huge storage areas that are easy to get to. The one storage area left of the stove opening has three pull-out shelves, so storing pots and pans will be very easy.
Adjusting the Doors
The cabinets have nice crown molding topping them off. There's about 18" or so from the top of the cabinets to the ceiling, so there's still room for an objet d'art or some trinket or other to be placed up there.

I had to redo some complicated wiring because its placement interfered with the cabinet installation. That looked like it was going to be next to impossible to do, but actually, this morning it turned out to be fairly easy to do. I even re-did the switch box for the roll-up door, hiding it in the nearest cabinet as well.
Wiring SNAFU, Now All Sorted Out
A little bit more caulking on the cabinets along with a good cleaning and they'll be ready to go.

Then, all I have to do is finish caulking the door trim, some paint touch-up and we'll pretty much be ready to go.
A Nice Long View


Wilma said...

Those cabinets are quite nice. I love the butcher block countertops. It makes for a clean, but elegant look.


Dave Rider said...

Hi Wilma,

Thanks for the nice comment. Now that it's all in, I'll include some more detail shots in the next posting.


Anonymous said...

cromarKim Longsworth not only did my woodwork, but built my entire house. He also does my maintenance/repairs. Nice, honest guy who does great work!!!! His shop makes the most amazing hand carved furniture and doors! There was a free standing closet with beautiful hand carved orchids that I was drooling over in the shop last time I was down! You can work with him with confidence that you will get quality workmanship and honest work.