10 January, 2009

Free Lunch and Progress

Who says there's no free lunch? We just had one. A catered lunch at that, put on by Mae and Craig, our friends who're developing the property and house across the street from our place.

It was a soiree for Mae and Craig to say thanks to their workers and all the other folks who had something to do with the project. Whether it was actual work like Joe the electrician, the plumber, masons (operative not speculative), carpenters, metal workers, laborers, or folks like Dianna and me.

Our part was pretty easy. We allowed Mae and Craig to store materials for the project on Elsie's lot and had our dogs protect it. Whew! Massive labor. I guess we did a few other little things, but all in all, our part was really minuscule.

Still, I do appreciate the lunch. It was great. And a very nice gesture for their workers. I know they appreciated it.

How about a few shots of the progress they've been making on the project? Ok. Here's some views of the house and grounds so you can get an idea.
Front View Mae and Craig's House
Side View Mae and Craig's Place
Painting, tiling, plastering, and fencing have all been going on at a feverish pace. Burglar bars are all in place and really look nice too.
Back Fence Retaining Wall
Assembling One of the Gates
How about another view of the front of the house. That looks classy. And the kitchen - cabinets really look sharp and are almost completed.
Another Front View
Kitchen Cabinets and Joe the Electrician
Here's a view of the entry way and some detail of the burglar bars. Nice view of the plumber finishing work on the downstairs bathroom.
Entry Way
Downstairs Bathroom
Downstairs tile is run diagonally and really looks nice. Burglar bars all look very nice as does the burglar bar doors. I've included a detail shot of that below.
Cutting Tile Pieces for Mop Board
Burglar Bar Door Detail
It wouldn't be complete without a view of the back of the house. So, there you are.
Back View of House
The palapa where the luncheon is going to take place. This is actually on the adjacent lot.
Palapa Ready For Luncheon Guests
Even Eugene's dog, Jungle, could sense the possibility of some free food and hung around for the affair.
Jungle Ready to Eat
Mae and Craig had the luncheon catered by Jen and Matt, a young Canadian couple making a go of it down here in paradise.
Mae, Jen, Dianna, and Matt
And the vultures gather. Everyone lined up and got very ample servings of fresh tossed salad, shepherd's pie, rolls, soft drinks, and chocolate-cherry cookies. There was plenty of food to go around.
Mae and Craig Thanking Everyone
 At the Start of the Luncheo
Mae and Jen Going Over Things
Altogether, it was a nice lunch. We had a good time and ate our fill. Thank you Mae and Craig.

How about a quick update on our project - the forest is in! Almost ready to pour the roof.
The Forest is Growing Very Fast
Some of the Forest, Inside
And, last but not least, as I was cleaning out my camera, I found a couple of old shots from the pool construction project. Here's Emir and Mariano finishing the final shape of the pool walls just prior to the diamondBrite being applied. The pool looks much better now.

Our Pool Assuming Final Shape
Going Over Final Ideas


Anonymous said...

Their house is comming along nice, Looks great. When they first told me the price I thought it was a little high, but after seeing how it is starting to look they might be under priced. Very nice/ I have sent the pics to my brother but he is such a procrastonator and just downright cheap. Pat

Raúl said...

me gusta mucho tu blog lo visito a diario visita tu el mio y si t gusta deja un comentario y nos enlazamos los blogs