10 January, 2009

Casual Saturday

Ok, I've carried this casual bit about as far as I can - probably about a day longer than I needed. Y'all realize of course, we don't wear socks, most times we go "commando" (if I need to explain that, you really are behind the times), and rarely wear anything other than tee-shirts and either shorts or swimming suits. Oh yeh, and Crocs. Unbelievable just how comfortable those things are.

Here's the latest updates on the guesthouse. The guys are planning on casting the roof this coming Sunday, so they'll be spending today (Saturday) prepping the forms, growing the forest, etc.

As you can see, some of the forest is beginning to grow as they've already got the form done for the "chain" as it's called. It's the rebar-laced concrete bit that goes completely around the edge, binding the whole house together. Below is the view through the 12' hole for the sliding glass doors, this time taken from inside.

View From the Kitchen/Living Room
A few more views - the one on the left is looking into each bedroom from the living room. The shot on the right is from the kitchen window.
View Windows All
Another View Window
Here's a closeer view of the electrical panel in the utility room and a view from there out to the pool.

Electrical Panel
View From One of the Bedrooms
Here's the new pool cover deployed. We noticed that it kept the tempurature about 2-3 degrees warmer just overnight. I've also trimmed it a bit in places for a little better fit in the pool (that'll show up in later shots. These views are of it untrimmed).

Pool Cover Rolled Out
Pool Cover Rolled Out - Untrimmed
And finally, another view of Corozal Bay, near the fishermen's pier and the "old man of the fleet". I always image him as the senior pelican since he has the coveted post to spend the night on.
And finally, for today. I noticed yesterday, the more Gregg's trees get pruned and cleaned out, the better our view of the bay improves. As you can see below, we've now got a nice, albeit short view of the bay.

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