17 December, 2007

As Up-To-Date As It Gets - December 16, 2007

Quite a bit of progress to report on this morning.

First is a glimpse of the finished back (or streetside) stairs. Everything looks so smooth with a nice coat of mortar.
Back Stairs Looking Good
Our gate and fence area is coming along quite fast. There should be lots of progress today. Of course, I'll be documenting that as well.
Streetside Gate Area
Streetside Fence Going Up
More Views of the Streetside Fence
More Views of the Streetside Fence
And Again, This Time From the Street
And Again, This Time From the Street
Saturday was a day for folks to bring their families along - partly because the Freezone was open to Belizean's for shopping, not that the money savings are great (duty must still be paid on purchases) but, purchasing items not normally available in Belize is the attraction.
A Young Trainee - Son of Esidoro's Brother
Franz Ozman's Wife and Children
Looking inside the house at some of the changes that have been occurring, more happens just about every day.
Bathroom Floor Drain
Do Instructions Come With This Setup?
Here's the drain field footing with blocks already being mortared into place.
A Nice Soldierly Course
The drain field wall will have two curved corners. Here's a couple of shots of the one that was in the sun when I was shooting.
Nice Curves
Nice Curves
Here's the footings minus the bricks. Lots of concrete goes into these. About 18" wide and up to a foot deep, along with quite a bit of rebar for strength.
More Drain Field Footings
More Drain Field Footings
Torn right from the society pages of the newspaper...

Here's four of Corozal's social set enjoying a Christmas Banquet and Dance. Sponsored by Saint Paul's By the Sea Anglican Church, the event featured speeches by church dignitaries and notables, Kreol poetry, awards by the dozen, a fabulous turkey dinner, champagne, live music, all al fresco under the big top.

The social event of the year brought together four of Corozal's citizen's for an evening of gaiety and fun.
Jenni Enjoying the Evening's Festivities
(Jenni's photo taken by Nigel)
Nigel Enjoying the Evening's Festivities
Dianna and Dave Caught Up In the Fun
Dianna and Dave Caught Up In the Fun
The band, which hadn't played together in 17 years, and had practiced for 4 days before the event, provided a solid and surprisingly good set. Starting off with slow and soft tunes, and progressing to some roots reggae and some solid dance hall rhythms later, got most of the ladies out on the floor. "Pump it Up!"

Anthony Watson, the bands bassman, is also an electrician, having done numerous projects for the Rider's.
The Evening's Entertainers
Anthony Watson on Bass
Well to be honest, the food wasn't quite up to banquet standards. The turkey was good, as was the potato salad. The rice was good, but the techniques of preparing stuffing, escaped the chefs. It was pretty dry, as was the champagne.

Anyway, it was a fun evening and the money went to a good cause, to help the church with some of its projects. This was the first event of this sort that the church had tried. This event set the mark, next year's should easily top it.

It felt really strange to put on a socks, sandals, real pants, an actual shirt and, heaven forbid - a tie (which I had to buy since my other ties are still in storage).

Ok, back to construction...

Here's some detail shots of bathroom plumbing, and some of the wiring beginning to appear in the utility room downstairs.
Bathroom Plumbing
Cable and Other Wiring

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