16 December, 2007

Up-To-Date As Of December 14, 2007

Starting the day off with a properly inspirational sunrise, I managed to capture quite a spectacular one. Man, if this doesn't make it seem like paradise, I don't know what does.
"Let There Be Light"
On another note entirely, we attended the last Friendship Luncheon of 2007 at the Purple Toucan the other day. It was pretty well attended and as usual, there was way more food than any of us could eat.

The nice folks that run the Purple Toucan make sure the beer is ice-cold and that there's plenty of Rum, Coke, and ice for other drinks to wash all the food down with. It's really nice that they let us do a pot-luck instead of trying to make us buy food and drinks from them. I think they make a tidy profit even so.
A Few Announcements
More Conviviality
More Announcements
Talk, Talk, Drink, Drink
Talk, Talk, Drink, Drink
Eat, Eat
Talk, Talk
Yolanda - The Nice Lady of the Purple Toucan
Now, we shift from playing lounge lizard to being a hard working construction type. Below is some shots of what we're currently working on.
The Drain Field Footing Trench
Exterior Lighting Wiring
Fitting Drywall to the bathroom plumbing rough-ins
Streetside Fence Footing Trench
More Streetside Fence Footing Trench
Prepping the Rebar
More Drain Field Footing Trench
More Drain Field Footing Trench
Now, we're almost caught up. Whew, what a lot of stuff to put up. It's so easy to get behind.

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