17 December, 2007

Hoo Haw! Now We're All Current

Now we're about as up-to-date as can be. I'll take more pictures this afternoon, but you'll have to wait till this evening (or maybe the morning) to see those.

Here's a couple of shots from the front and back doors, respectively. I think this will give you a pretty good idea of how the drywalling has been going.
From the Front Door
From the Back Door
Now, we're in the utility room looking at the master breaker panel and the generator cut-over switch. It's beginning to look like Frankenstein's lab.
Master Breaker Panel
Generator Cut-Over Switch
These shots are of the outside of the utility room and of the service panel inside the guest bedroom of the house. I'm impressed with the neet wiring job that Ozman is doing.
Outside Electrical Connections
Master Breaker Panel
Another shot of the house. And, a nice shot of the guest bedroom burglar bars, showing the cool lily design.
House View
Burglar Bars
Eugene every once in a while wants his picture taken (to impress his girlfriend?). Here he is looking like a young Bob Marley. He'd like that, as he is a Rastafarian - at least in part.
Bob Marley Look-Alike
I periodically scope out the canal to see what's happening back there. This morning, there was a lily with flower blooming.
Bloomin' Lilies
And the last thing for this episode is the drain field wall. Its reached its final height, now all that needs to be done is the plastering to make it look good. That, and level the fill, bring in some black dirt, as they call it, and Dianna will have a great garden area.
Drain Field - East
Drain Field - West

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Anonymous said...

Wow and more Wow. Guess I'll start packing my bag. I really look forward to seeing what you are doing each day. It truly must be a great time for you both.

DAVE; I have not heard from Dianna in a long time. Is her computer down. Let me know that all is OK. Look forward to seeing her car. Give her my love.