10 September, 2007

A Well/Pumphouse Example

Now class... For this example we will use Greg and Connie's well and pump house to illustrate all the parts needed to efficiently and effectively operate a well-based water system.
Their Well and Pump House
With Smaller Garbage Storage Shed
Below is Greg's pressure tank - which is used to activate the pump to bring up more water. BTW, this system provides water for Greg and Connie's house plus the seven units making up the Copa Banana Guest House across the street from their house.
The Pressure Tank
They do have their pressure tank hooked up differently that I would do it, but it seems to do the job just the same, so maybe it doesn't make any difference if you hook it up "end of the line" or "in the middle of the run".

Below is the master switch to turn the whole system on or of as desired.
The Switch
Below is the well head with the tee feeding the pressure tank and the supply run
Well Head
And finally, a shot of the hatch in the pump house with the wiring and lines used to 1) power the pump, 2) feed water to the distribution system, and 3) save the pump should the electrical or supply lines fail.
Greg and Bob Looking At the System
Now, when I order it, I'll probably do the same thing Greg did - call Cecil at Builder's Hardware in Belmopan ( and tell him what you need. He then quotes you a price. If you agree, you deposit the required amount into their bank account and fax him the receipt. He puts the package on either a truck or a bus and ships it up here to Corozal Town.

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