10 September, 2007

Holiday Work

Even though this is a national holiday, like construction trades in the US, the really good workers tend to work. So, that's why you see Bob peering out the the hatch of the septic tank. He's in there getting ready to remove all the lumber used as forms for the lid.

Bob in the Tank
Inside the tank it's like a sauna. I was only in long enough to shoot these two pictures and the sweat was just dripping off of me.
Inlet pipes L - Canal, R - Street
and the Ouput to the Drainfield
The lumber from the forms we used to build a temporary bed on the truck to haul some gravel to spread on our driveway at Tony's. It's getting just a little too rock-and-rolly for comforts sake.
The New Bed
Edilio filling it up

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