14 September, 2007

Lotta Things To Do Today

This is the first day of working on the property that I don't have Canadian Bob acting as my contractor. It's all up to me... (gulp!)

I've got Edilio coming to the site at 8:00 AM to begin mixing concrete for the pour for the well house.

I've got to pick up three bags of cement, order 180 concrete blocks for delivery, pick up an 8-inch cap for the well pipe, and finally (I hope), get the "economic assessment" from BEL for the transformer. That's essentially - what is the transformer going to cost us? In other words, the economic assessment is, how much can we get them to pay without squawking too much, or something like that.

This morning, before our 6:20 AM wake up concert by the birds, we had a low-level thing with two of the big birds just outside our porch on the wire. You can see them below. Kind of a cooing, coquettish, courtship sort of thing for a while. They pranced back and forth on the wire for quite a while.
Love in Bloom

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