11 September, 2007

Afternoon Photo Shoot

This afternoon we had a fun treat. It was Monique's first day at school. She's in Preschool and apparently she had gotten a little upset with the change and new experience.

Her mom and dad, Rosie and Cody, had already asked us to take photos of her first day at school - well, of Monique in her uniform, not really at school, although that would have been a hoot too.

So, after Monique finished her school day, they brought her over to have her picture taken and to show off her new uniform. The pictures that follow are a few of the ones we took. We'll print them up on photo paper and give them to Rosie and Cody, along with a few wallet-sized ones to pass out to family and friends - just like in the States.
Monique, Rosie, and Cody
Here's the young star of the show, Monique, looking nice and pretty for the camera. She's a big girl now, going to school and everything.
This shot was taken when they first arrived. Mom, Rosie is consoling Monique, who was still quite upset with the major change that has occurred in her life. The start of a big adventure for her.
Monique and Rosie
About two-thirds of the way through the photo-shoot, we started hearing what we thought at first was a strange bird chirping near the guest bedroom window, where Bob is staying till the septic project is completed, then he's flying to Cuba for a couple of months.

After a bit, we still heard this squawking going on, so a couple of us went over to investigate. We were looking for a bird of some sort. Instead, what we found in the burglar bars of the bedroom window was a smallish frog and a green tree snake who was trying to eat the frog. He had most of one hind leg in his throat already. Once we identified the snake as a "good guy", a beneficial critter, we pretty much watched nature at work.

The snake managed to work the frog around so that he could begin swallowing the frog by the head. Pretty amazing thing to see, as the frog was giving it his all to prevent the inevitable. Anyway, once the snake had the head in his mouth, it was pretty much a done deal.

After consuming the frog, the snake moved from the window over to a bush growing nearby, and proceeded to rest in the sunlight and begin digesting his lunch.

Here's a picture of the snake (probably the one that posed for me out by the driveway a few days ago). He's observing me and my camera very carefully.

The Tree Snake With a Full Tummy
After the excitement died down, we got back to business and took several more photos. Through it all, Monique really didn't even raise an eyebrow about the secondary event that interrupted the photo shoot.

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