15 September, 2007

Progress, Progress... Oh My!

Well, it was a pretty good day yesterday. Edilio showed up promptly at 7:45 AM at Tony's house, and when we left to get to the property, beat me there. He was riding his bicycle and I was in the Isuzu.

Anyway, after getting four bags of cement, Edilio mixed sand, gravel, water, and the cement and poured the mix into the form for the well house. Here's the result below. It also provides an anchor for the well head to help protect that.
Well House Pad
Later in the day, I had 180 concrete blocks delivered to construct the actual well house and the trash bin. It was interesting finding the block factory where they're made. I got the approximate location from Mr. Gomez when I bought the bags of cement. It was located near the Sports Complex or Civic Center (same thing, depending on who you talk to). I drove around and found a yard with huge stacks of blocks in it. There was a house nearby, but with no obvious connection from afar.

As I pulled up nearby, I saw a few decorative blocks laid against the wall of the house, sort of like a display. Then I saw a small sign on the front door - "Office". Must be the place. I opened the door and found a woman sitting behind a desk and a man sitting across from her. I asked if this was the block factory. She said "Yes, of course", like it was perfectly obvious to anyone.

So, I had found the right place and ordered the blocks (180 blocks @ $140BZ + $10BZ delivery fee).

Here they are on site. We're ready to go, assuming I can get Isadoro (skilled brick layer) on Monday to do the job. He'll also parge the outside of this structure and finish parging the septic tank outside, making everything look nice and clean.
Blocks Ready to Go
Later in the evening at home, Dianna hollered to me that we had another milipede invading the house. They're relatively harmless, eating mostly decayed plant material. They do have, as a defense mechanism, the ability to emit poisonous liquids and some even hydrogen cyanide, so don't eat them. I've heard you can get blisters from them too. However, some are pretty docile, even being kept as pets... Why anyone would want to keep one of these as a pet is beyond me.
Black Milipede on the Move

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Anonymous said...

Dave and Diana,
We enjoy your blog-loved Corozal and coming again Oct 26. We would like to see your house and want info on the Mayan massage, ect. We met Greg and Connie the last time we were there. Can I email you? My email is
thanks, Ginger Rogers from Texas