29 November, 2016

Back To Work, It's Monday

Monday, 28 November, 2016. A glorious, sunshiny day. Doggies got to walk this morning. It was a Vivi's meat pie kinda day, mostly because the taco lady in front of Gomez Cementomaya on Seventh Avenue had barely set up her table. Normally, I would wait till she opened for business, but with Mario's crew coming at 7:30 AM, time is of the essence.

So, here we are with another day's activities.

Talking Over Doing the Diamond Brite
It was a bit of a surprise this morning. Carlos was in the Mennonite house downstairs (the basement), looking for a bucket. He opened this one bucket and, lo and behold, there was an almost full bag of Diamond Brite. I had looked for it earlier and couldn't find it.

Perfect timing, as Mario's crew had run out of the stuff, so work on the deck was at a standstill till more Diamond Brite came in.

Now, there's only two small sections, one on either side of the waterfall, that need to get covered. I don't know if they'll be able to seal the deck with those bits still bare or not. In any case, for the next few days, there's the fence corner that will keep them busy.

Diamond Brite Around the Railing
Here's how the deck around the pool railing turned out. I think it looks pretty good. It makes the railing look more like part of the pool than the way we had it before.

Starting  Work On the Fence
Here's the fence corner I mentioned. Errol is digging out the garden area to expose the fence footing. They're planning to work pretty much just the corner, rebuilding the corner column to reattach the chain link and top rail to the column, and rework the area of the fence to the far side of the trench on the dock, pretty much to keep costs down. It would be nice to have the whole back fence redone, but that will have to wait for another day.

Removing the Steel Part of the Fence
Getting ready to remove the metal part of the fence. That will be replaced after the corner and block work is completed.

Our Friendly Whatsit?
Here's a little guy the workers found in the mud while digging the footing out. As I wrote on Facebook,
Workers repairing my fence beside the canal that opens onto Corozal Bay found this little critter in the mud where they are working. 
At first we thought it was an earthworm, similar color. But it has eyes, likes or tolerates being in brackish water, about 4-5" long, long narrow tail with long fin on top. Also appears to have something like whiskers under the mouth area, and can slightly puff up back part of its head. 
Like I said, they found it in the mud. My guess is that it's some sort of eel. Anyone know, or know of somewhere on FB or the Web to check further?Thanks.
Colleen suggested I share it with the Creatures of Belize group on Facebook. I just did that. Hopefully, someone will come up and be able to tell us just what this little guy is.

Bashing Away At the Corner Post
After the steel was removed and after we were done ooh-ing and aww-ing over the little eel/worm/lizard/ guy, Endher worked at bringing the corner post down. I must say, he has a big-league swing with a sledge. It's obvious he has lots of experience with a 25-lb hammer. It will be down the rest of the way in the morning.

Lot of Progress in a Short Time
Time for a breather. Rene was still attacking the concrete binding the chain link to the fence while everyone else surveys their handiwork.

Anti-Dog Plastic Going up
The end of the work day. I had asked Endher if the guys could put up some sort of barrier across the opening to keep our dogs corralled. Here, they're stringing plastic sheeting across the void. That should do the trick.

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