29 November, 2016

Little Bit of Tuesday

It's Tuesday, 29 November, 2016.

Great Big Hole In the Fence
Wouldn't you know it. They've knocked a great big hole in our fence. Actually, it sort of looks like a painting in a way. They have to tear it down to the footings and then some, in order to repair and build it back up.

Footing Offers Resistance
Endher and Danny busy breaking up the concrete footing. Tough stuff and seems to be a lot of it. Surprised the fence failed there. Well, no, I'm not. Considering all the damage we had with the pool.

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Here's the metalwork from the fence that was taken out till the concrete work gets redone. This was originally made (as were all the fence pieces) by our Godson, Isiael Pech, over in Guinea Grass.

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The painter was here today. He even got a start on painting the inside of the pump house. That will really brighten up the interior.

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Rene is working on replacing an awkward curb and stair arrangement that had no reason other than it grew because of several other projects, into what it was. Soon to be replaced with a small ramp so Dianna can go up that way as well.

Whatzit Has A Name
I had a devil of a time getting pictures and a description of this little critter to post to the Creatures of Belize Facebook page. Finally managed it around 2:15 PM or so this afternoon.

Papi Thomas wins the prize for the quickest response in answering my query, as well as being pretty much right - a Moray and mentioning that there are over 700 species of eel.

Next was Bob Lazell. He nailed it when he said it was one of the 'swamp eels.' Bob and I go back about 40-some years, huddled around the radar scopes and Dead Reckoning Tracer in the USCGC Boutwell's Combat Information Center (CIC). We'd 'lost contact' with each other until just recently, thanks to Facebook. The 'lost contact' is kind of an inside joke as we were Radarmen (now called Operations Specialists). Leave it to Bob to know about my swamp eel. He should. His wife has a PhD in Marine Biology.

Russell Gray wins the accuracy in reporting prize by providing the nomenclature and link. It's name is Ophisternon aenigmaticum, much classier than Whatzit. The common name is: Obscure Swamp Eel. Here's the link: ( He's what you call an expert.

Regina Allen was next with her suggestion of a salamander. Probably pretty close. I think there are some legless salamanders out and about. I don't know if there are any in Belize.

Ed Lamar came next. He commented about us having weird critters down here. Ed's up in Washington State, where Dianna and I came from. Ed and I worked together at the Washington Emergency Management Division for many years. He was one of our Emergency Operations Officers, helping to run the State Alert and Warning Center at the Washington State Emergency Operations Center (EOC). There's a link to the Division on the right side of this page, if you're curious.

Kristina Nadreau suggested another critter expert in Punta Gorda. I never could make contact with him however.

Gillian Kirkwood via Zoe Walker suggested that Paul Walker might know. Is there a relationship there? I never contacted Paul either. Sounds like Zoe might be an expert too. She agreed with Russell's comment. I know Gillian because when Dianna broke her hip, Gillian and her husband Gordon, most generously allowed me to share their home in Belize City for the ten days that Dianna was at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. I don't think you'd find two people more dedicated to animal rights and helping rescue animals (and the occasional stray student) throughout Belize. It was a pleasure to have stayed with Gillian and Gordon, the most wonderful and caring people you'd ever want to meet.

Last of the list was Colleen Steege, our soon to be almost neighbor, across the highway a bit, in Ranchito, the neighboring village to Corozal. She wanted details, and right now! Colleen was over here doing some bead crafting with Dianna (they were drinking wine too). She helped me finally get the photos and my description posted to the Creatures of Belize Facebook page. I owe you, Colleen.

Thanks everyone for your efforts. I appreciate each of you providing input. Your prizes are in the mail.

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