27 November, 2016

Sunday is the Weekend

Sunday, 27 November, 2016. No workers today, and no doggies in their pen.

I cooked chili omelets this morning for breakfast. The eggs were new and fresh, the chili that went in the omelets was leftover from Saturday night's supper.

After breakfast, I decided to whip up some tuna salad for sandwiches - totally forgetting we were going to Jam Rock for bingo later on.

Last night I had read a tip, I think on Reddit, but it could have been Facebook, that if you put ½ teaspoon baking soda in the water as you boil eggs, the shells become very easy to separate from the eggs. By Jove, it worked. Not one hundred percent, but significantly better than the past few times I've done hard-boiled eggs.

The reason I mentioned eggs is that they were part of the ingredients for the tuna salad, four of them, along with half an onion, a dozen dill pickle slices, two sliced stalks of celery, a healthy dose of mustard, two cans of tuna in agua - drained, and, of course Hellman's Mayonnaise. Mix it all together, slap some between two slices of bread, add some chips of your choice, and you've got lunch. We'll have that tomorrow.

Sundays at Casa Winjama is laundry day. So, I fired up the trusty old wringer washer and tubs - Hah! My mom used a Westinghouse wringer washer until I left home to go in the Navy. She wasn't real keen on newer technology. Ok, I loaded the washer and pressed 'Start.'

Mr. Nelson In His Hideaway
 Doing the laundry did get off to a bit of a slow start. Nelson, since I didn't open his weekday hideaway downstairs in the Mennonite house, has, as his alternate hideaway, the laundry baskets when they're stored on the top shelf in the utility room of the new house.

Jam Rock's Proprietor, Rocky
 About 12:30 PM, we loaded up our stuff, including Dianna's go-kart, jumped into the Sport Trac and headed down to Jam Rock.

It's been a while since we've had burgers there, so Dianna and I splurged and each had a bacon cheese burger with fries. Yummers.

Mike Selling Bingo Cards
Bingo is usually at JamRock on Sundays, from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Thanks to Rocky for allowing us all to enjoy the afternoon at JamRock playing Bingo.

Here you see Mike, of Mike and Terri, who run the game, selling Bingo cards to JamRock patrons, in this photo, it's members of an Orange Walk motorcycle club.

Cards usually go for three for $5.00 BZD. Three games played and it's time to get new cards. The money from card sales makes up the jackpot for each game, minus a bit for overhead.

Terri Issuing Pencils and HiLighters
Here's Terri, passing out pencils so players can mark their cards during the game. Terri also calls the games. Rocky has a nice sound system that works great for just that purpose.

Incidentally, the game of Bingo can trace its roots to the Arabian Peninsula around the 1500's. It passed on to Europe and eventually to the new world, well the British colonies, I guess.

Around 1929, the game became formalized as Bingo, having been known up to then as Beano and other variations. Several companies began marketing it, along with copies of the rules and it reached the form, more or less, that we know today.

Terri and the Shipley's
Today's game is a special one. the big jackpot, from the final game, is going to the Shipley's, whose restaurant, Shippley's Coffee Lounge Restaurant/Cafe, on Second Street, North, in Corozal, suffered a devastating fire a couple of nights ago. This is an effort to help them get back on their feet and reopen - soon, we hope. There is a Go Fund Me page that has been set up to help them rebuild ( Please help, if you can.

Bingo Game One Getting Started
Bingo is about ready to get started. I had to rush this shot as Terri started calling numbers right after I snapped this. It's too easy to get behind doing other stuff, so I had to hurry.

Colleen and Bruce - Big Win Coming?
Here's our table mates concentrating on the game. This is probably the only photo I have seen of Colleen where she isn't 'on' for the camera. See? There just isn't time to fool around playing Bingo. Serious stuff!

Dianna Enjoying the Game
Even Dianna is hard at work on her cards. We had a great afternoon. It was a lot of fun. She's just enjoying herself way too much and grinning ear to ear.

Two Young Bingo Players
We even had a couple of young boys who got in on the action as well. They played seriously, just like the adults.

And, there you have it. Action-filled Sundays in Corozal. We live life to the fullest!

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