01 October, 2016

It's Saturday That Counts

We always say 'TGIF', but for most workers here in Belize, it's really Saturday that marks the end of the workweek. So, it really is Saturday that counts, at least today, the first of October.

Final Two Column Forms Going Up
The last two column forms are going up. The guys are making every effort to save the Areca palm fronds as much as they can.

Final Nailing Together
The column form against the northwest corner of the pump house is quite complicated to assemble. It's not square and has either four or five sides to it. It's all just about ready for the pour.

Four On the West Side
Columns to the west of us.

Three on the East Side
Columns to the east.

Four on the North Side
And columns to the north.

Putting Chain Together
Not only are the guys assembling the odd-shaped column for the pump house, but they have to join it to the pump house roof chain, which is what they are doing here.

Pump House Corner - Complicated
Assembling the form down at ground level is no less a challenge.

Joining the Chain to Column Form
Another view of them joining the column with the chain form.

The Forest is Growing
The forest of sticks is growing. These are the supports used to hold up the roof form while the roof is cast.

The Forest Canopy
Here's the roof form. It's almost done. There'll be plenty more sticks before the actual casting occurs.

Indir Measuring for the Beam
While all that was going on, Indir was going around to each column and marking the top line for positioning the beam forms. That will start to happen on Monday.

The Big Boy Came to Visit
We had quite a treat this afternoon. The big boy of the local pack of iguanas, came by for a visit. He's about six feet from stem to stern.
Luckily, I had a batch of old bananas still on hand in the fridge that I could give him. The chill of the fridge has kept them in a still edible (to iguanas, at least) form. They're black on the outside, but no mold or anything. Anyway, he was happy and began munching on them as soon as I tossed them down for him.
I went back and got my camera to take a photo of him. He's been around enough that he knows I won't chase him or anything like that, so he had no problem with me getting about two feet away from him to snap this photo. He's just a superb example of iguanahood, isn't he?
So, it's now, the weekend. The workers have left and won't be back till Monday. Quiet at last. Enjoy your weekend. Eat a banana.


Wilma said...

Magnificent iguana! We don't have any nearly that large around here.

Winjama said...

Hi Wilma, He is gorgeous. He usually has two or three smaller green iguanas with him. We assume he's a male and they're female. Don't know that absolutely for sure. We have seen him fight another golden iguana in the empty lot across the canal from us. Kicked ass and took names. He chased the other one quite a ways.
Usually, they move so slow. It takes him forever to decide if he's going to eat or not. Not when he's fighting - Lightning fast.
Anyway, we enjoy having them come visit. We try to have some sort of fruit on hand for them when they do.