04 October, 2016

Monday, Monday

03 October, 2016. Back at work. Doggies in the pen, Nelson asleep in the 'basement', April sleeping in the closet. Dianna checking Facebook kitteh pictures.

Roof Overhang #1
The roof overhang will be on three sides of the pump house. The water-side will not have the built-in overhang. The overhang will be about one foot. Its purpose is to help keep rainwater from infiltrating the door and window louver.

Pump House Column Form
The column in the photo on the left side of the pump house presented some real problems during the pour. part of the form near the bottom gave out as the pour was going on, necessitating one of the guys to be positioned at the base, shoveling concrete into buckets to be re-poured from up above.

That finally got under control only to have a couple smaller leaks develop just above midway and up near the top. Neither were big deals and were quickly fixed.

Indir Shaping Column Rebar
Endher is busy bending the column rebar, to bring the pieces closer together, and trimming them to a specific height. The reason he's doing that is those pieces of rebar need to fit inside the chain rebar so that they maintain an even profile. Otherwise, there is no way to keep the chain aligned and smooth.

Bani Threading Polyducto
Just before the pour began, Bani, the electrician, fed Polyducto (the orange tubing) into various parts of the pump house. Think of it as flexible conduit.

The Roof Pour is Underway
And the pour gets started. A lot of labor hauling those buckets from the mixer to the roof. A young man's game for sure. Although Indir tells me there's a member of the professional crew that does these pours every day, who is around 56 years old and very fit. Still doing pours of  100-200 bags a day, and doing it very well. Indir said he's going to try and get him for our pour.

Roof Pour Completed
Here's the completed roof. Looks pretty good to me. A lot of work went into it.

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