30 September, 2016

TGIF on the Last Day of September

Here we are. It's Friday. Yay! This morning about 5:00 AM, we got a little rain. Then it became clear skies again. Now about 11:30 AM, or so, it's beginning to cloud over.

Where the Chain Will Tie In
On with the columns. The red line you see in the photo shows approximately where the horizontal beam will go. I'm assuming the light, and the outlet just behind the light, will both be moved and reconnected.

Deeohgee Inspecting the Work
Deeohgee came with me on the tour this morning. She was quite diligent about checking all the work that had been done the previous day.

I Spied Nelson Checking the Pool
Nelson was out there as well. This shot looks like he's hiding. Actually, I'm shooting from inside the pump house as he's walking around the edge of the pool.

Switch Box in Column Form
Several columns will have either switches or outlets on them. Here's an outlet, fastened to the inside of the form, it will be permanently part of the column.

Flight of Egrets Over Us
I thought I had missed this shot of four egrets in formation, flying over the house. I did get the shot, but had to blow it up considerably to be able to clearly see the birds. In the bright sunlight they were simply spectacular. I wish I'd seen them a couple seconds sooner. I could have made it a better shot.

Doggie's New Beds
We originally had some beds made for the dogs, but we didn't have them made out of a good material and Bela eventually ripped them to shreds.

A couple of weeks ago, I stopped in at Aventura Furniture and had them make three brand new ones. Heavy-duty fabric and zippers. Should last a good long while.

Nice View of East Veranda
Coming back around the veranda from shooting the beds, this view caught my attention. It looks like something out of a magazine. Well, at least, I think so. Lighting and staging was just right.

Fixing PVC Leak
This was a repair job I had been meaning to tackle. But, as things go, I forgot about it till this morning. A tiny pinhole leak. I tried to fix it with a roll of epoxy putty, but all I ended up with was an even finer pinhole. I tried a few dabs of clear epoxy on top of that. No. Didn't make it stop.

My only choice then was to cut the buggered union out, put a new union in and hope.

I rummaged through my parts bin, found a union, cut the pipe and used PVC cleaner to prep the pieces. I didn't have any PVC glue, but the workers did. The expensive, good kind. Gray in color and expensive. It only comes in quart or larger containers, so it's something I've never used. The stuff is supposed to be fool-proof.

Anyway, I got the piece put back together and installed. Problem solved, no leak. Shoulda done this weeks ago.

Lunch Break Means Fishing Time
By now, it's lunch time. Our workers favorite activity is fishing, so they've been doing that every day while working on the project. Once in a while they've caught a good-sized one, but mostly, they're little pan-sized, like here.

Grackle Wants a Tortilla
They do have help, however. There's a grackle that has been hanging around while they're fishing. He like tortillas, and has partially tamed  himself.

I was no more than two feet away from him when I snapped this photo.

Hurricane Mathew (Cat-3)
Something else that we're paying attention to is the recently upgraded Hurricane Mathew. It's now a Category 3 hurricane. It's still reported to be soon turning north, but if there's one thing I've learned down here, is hurricane's pretty much do what they want, not what the models or humans would like for them to do. So, we watch and wait. Thanks to Weather Underground for the image.


Wilma said...

The veranda is a scene right out of Home and Garden! I posted a shot of distant white ibises from this morning flying in front of a rainbow. We are keeping an eye on Mathew, too.

Winjama said...

Hi Wilma, Isn't if funny how a good photo just leaps out at you? I know why pros take a thousand photos at a shoot. That one photo only comes along now and then.
I loved your photo of the ibises.
Poor Jamaica and Haiti, still better them than us.

Winjama said...
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