12 September, 2016

The Pool - Drastic Measures Called For - Day One

This is going to be a chronological (more or less) picture show of the whole project of rehabbing our pool.

July 26, 2016 - Let the fun begin.

First Hole
This is the first hole that Mario's crew dug. It's right beside the door to the pool pump house. This was an exploratory hole to see if they could tell roughly what was going on as far as erosion, and the like.

It really didn't tell them much, so the digging proceeded on, becoming more extensive.

First Effort - Another View
This view is looking toward the door of the pump house, The hole above is just about where the shovel handle is.

Cracking Inside Pump House
This view shows just how bad things are inside the pump house. It's amazing the electrical and plumbing has kept working. The building is just about ready to come down of its own volition.

Hole's Getting Deeper
It's beginning to get serious. The hole just keeps getting deeper. One thing leads to another, as they say.

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