12 September, 2016

The Pool Day Two - 08./11/16

Most of the Pump House Outside
I took advantage of a break in the action - Mario needed his workers on another project for a day. I loosened and removed most of the equipment from the pump house.

Removing the Window Louver
Since the pump house was so badly cracked, removing the window and the door (frame and all) was pretty easy.

Wood Deck Going Away
When the workers came back, Endher, the project foreman, began removing thousands of screws to remove the deck. That is when things really started to look different.

Pump House Rubble
In short order, after we removed all the equipment, including the light switch and ceiling fixture, the waterfall box, and all the other stuff, with a few blows from a sledge hammer, all that's left of the pump house is a pile of rubble.

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