11 September, 2016

And Then There's the Pool

So, cooking is one thing.

The other is our pool. Those of you who are familiar with it know that we've been patching cracks in the pool wall for some years now. Well, the last time Carlos and I patched a crack, it only stayed patched for a couple of days, and we were right back losing water as if we had done nothing. We decided this was the point of no return.

This photo was taken just the day before the crack reappeared and our idyllic life changed again. This was the first time Dianna tried venturing into the pool since her hip surgery. Looks just perfect.
First and Last
That will be the last time for a couple of months. We decided things had reached the point of no return for the pool. If we didn't do something drastic, it was just going to collapse and we'd have nothing but a pile of rubble.

Among other things, the pool pump house was leaning in a more precarious angle than ever before. In fact, I was surprised the water pipes and electricity were all still connected.
Coming Apart At the Seams
You may know the cracks were caused by an underground stream we discovered after we'd had the pool for about three years.

I'll put together a few photos showing what has happened to the pool as a result. I'm also working on a new slide show plug-in for the blog. Then we can really show some pictures.

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