12 September, 2016

The Pool Project Day Three - 08./12/16

The Lumber Pile Grows
The lumber from the deck, all treated wood, is growing quickly. This pile, on the patio, will soon be joining the larger pile out in the parking area. I can't say that we're going to miss having a wooden deck. We were told that it would be cooler than concrete (it isn't) and since it's treated, you would expect it to last twenty to thirty years (it won't). Much of the wood has already been spoken for, once the constructioneers get done with what they need for the project.

Endher Making Little Rocks
Here, Endher is breaking up a large chunk of concrete that was serving as the footing for the small 4" block wall holding the deck up. I suspect excess concrete was dumped there, hence the rather large concrete boulder.

Douglas Moving Little Rocks
And of course, as the larger rocks get broken into smaller ones, they have to be moved to some other location.

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