30 January, 2012

Rum Swizzles Revisited

It's been a long time since I wrote about Rum Swizzles, like March 2007 ( Rum Swizzles was the daily the featured 'free' drink every afternoon aboard the S/V Mandalay and Windjammer Barefoot Cruises.
S/V Mandalay
It was also a part of just about every tour and other adventure we had with Mandalay and the 'Jammers'. Sadly Mandalay and Windjammer are no more. It was nice while it lasted. And, the whole Windjammer experience is a big part of the reason we're where we are today.

One thing that has stuck around is the Swizzles. I got this recipe from Mashup, the Chief Bartender aboard the Mandalay for our cruises.

This recipe is for one drink.
1 1/2 Shot (or ounces) of 151 Rum
1/4 - 1/2 oz. of Meyer's Rum
2 1/2 oz. pineapple juice
2 1/2 oz. orange juice
Dash +/- of Grenadine

Mix, pour over ice and enjoy!
I've modified it for Belize, obviously, since we have One Barrel readily at hand here in Belize and the others, if they're available, cost an arm and a leg. I also changed the quantities, depending on the size of pitcher you might want to use (Why anyone would want just one glass of it is beyond me).

      64 Oz. Pitcher (1/2 US Gallon)

18.3 oz. One Barrel Rum
22.9 oz. pineapple juice
22.9 oz. orange juice
9 dashes +/- Grenadine

      96 Oz. Pitcher (3/4 US Gallon)

27.4 oz. One Barrel Rum
34.3 oz. pineapple juice
34.3 oz. orange juice
13 dashes +/- Grenadine

      128 Oz. Pitcher (1 US Gallon)

36.6 oz. One Barrel Rum
45.8 oz. pineapple juice
45.8 oz. orange juice
18 dashes +/- Grenadine

In each case, as with the individual drink, add ice, mix and enjoy!

In case you didn't guess, we're gearing up (or attempting to, anyway) for a visit by some of our old Windjammer sailing friends. As a group of eight (the Eternal Eight, as we call ourselves), we've been getting together now and then for around ten years. This will be the first time for the group to gather in Belize.


Wilma said...

Well, it seems the pressure is on to get the recipe down pat! Sounds like fun.

JRinSC said...

I'll be darned. We sailed on the "Flying Cloud" with Windjammer Barefoot Cruises sometime in the late 80's or early 90's. Had a wonderful week visiting all the British Virgin Islands... especially Virgin Gorda.

With us it is a drink they called a "PainKiller". We tried to make a Cuba Libre but the coke (made locally then) was just terrible so we found the "Painkiller".

What a great time... we even caught up with the Fanehome, the big 4 master they had then. I heard much later of it's loss in hurricane just off the Mexican coast. That was a pretty ship, and we got to go aboard and have supper one night. Didn't comb my hair or put on shoes for a week.

Great times and I'm glad you got to do it also.


btw -- did you get to hear Il Divo?

Mardena said...

Boy, I sure do LOVE your blog, Dave!!! I have been reading lots of Belize blogs and forums and yours is the one I enjoy most! I am wishing you and the Mrs. the very best! Enjoy your visit with old friends! The hub and I are so looking forward to the day when we can visit Belize... planning!!! Bottoms up!

Dave Rider said...

Hi Wilma,

We're looking forward to it for sure!


Hi Julian,

We did the Mandalay two weeks at a time, three separate times. A truly life-changing experience.

Il Divo is fantastic! Watching and listening to it, I was thinking, it'd be great with pipes, and then, there they were!

On Mandalay, they played Amazing Grace every time we hoisted sails to get underway. So beautiful it'd bring tears to your eyes. That's hard when you're trying to help hoist sails at the same time.

You should read the book 'The Ship and The Storm', all about the loss of the Fantome and Hurricane Mitch. Most of the crew on our first cruise were still grieving - they had all lost friends, family and loved ones on the Fantome.
She had pulled into Belize City and off-loaded all the passengers and when she got trapped and went down, it was with just the crew.

Thanks for turning us on to Il Divo. They're great!


Hi Mardena,

Thanks for the nice comment. Just don't wait too long. Memories are better having done something than saying "I wish we'd done it". Enjoy your adventure.


Dave Rider said...

Hi Robert,

Thanks so much for the nice comment. It's very much appreciated. I'm glad you like the blog.

I just watched a program on TV about Ploiesti during WWII a couple of days ago. Looks like Ploiesti has become quite a tourist destination.

Thanks for writing.


JRinSC said...

You are right about the first time out hoisting the sails with the two - 200 watt speakers on the deck doing Amazing Grace with the Royal Scottish Guards letting it rip! I still get goose bumps hearing the pipes do that song. We sailded with them once but would have loved doing it again while I was young enough to man the ship. Remember the crab races? I rented snorkel stuff and used some socks to make the flippers fit well... you know, 2 years later and I'm still getting some sand out of those socks!!!

I'll check out the book (thanks) and I apologize for mangling the name of the Fantome. Did you ever sail on her?


glad you like Il Divo... amazing to me that we didn't hear of them for over 5 after their first album.

Going to see them 8-12-12 at Alpharetta Ga.....can't wait!!!

jehsail said...

S/V Manadalay will be sailing again soon. See Facebook Windjammer Sailing Fans or
for updates.