31 January, 2012

End Of The World - How Can We Cash In?

I just read an article... OK. It was from that esteemed pseudo-news organization, Fox, but other than that, I'm sure it was completely reliable. The article was an update on the end-of-the-world stuff that will be going on this year in Belize, Mexico, and other places to prep us all for the imminent invasion of the lizard people, or the return of the space cadets, or just the end of time/space/earth/universe/insert topic here/etc.

I mean, Hell. They're even saying that Sir Paul (McCartney) will be performing in Mexico, likely as part of his 'farewell tour'. Timely for him if it really is the end of the world coming down the pike. Just what the Beatles have to do with ancient Maya civilization, hasn't been fully explained yet, but I'm sure there's a link.

There's going to be workshops (didn't say on what) and music festivals and canoeing events and ceremonies marking the solstice and equinox and marriage packages and bike tours and rock climbs and galactic alignment cruises and overnight camping to witness the rising sun over sacred sites and just about anything else you can think of that would possibly separate a tourist/pilgrim from some of his or her hard-earned money. Whew! The mind fairly boggles at the possibilities. Even a hotel in Denver is getting into the act - come on! Denver is really high on the Mayan place itinerary. The first four words of that sentence might just be right.

To be fair, or at least not so 'out there', Belize itself is marketing it's Mayan stuff as a 'renewal' as in 'Where will you be when the world begins anew?' or something like that. Makes more sense, but I think weirdness will probably bring in more bucks.

Hey, we have a rather sizable piece of pottery that one of our workers found in a load of marl we had delivered. He says it's Mayan.
'Ancient' Mayan Pottery Sherd, Front
'Ancient' Mayan Pottery Sherd, Back - or Vice Versa
Maybe we should sell lodging to view it at a coupla thou' a pop. Maybe we could include a small concession stand with cold Belikins and what not. Boy, this is beginning to look like a gold mine to me. Of course, it could be just a terracotta pottery fragment from somebody's garden down the road too.

We could charge some real money for folks to stay here, say with costs increasing each day as we get closer to December 21st. We could bring in dancers and archeologists and paleontologists and local experts and some other folk with really good stories to tell. My God. The possibilities are simply endless.

Use of the pool will be extra.


Unknown said...

You are such a visionary! I think maybe we will rent out the spare room for people visiting Santa Rita! If Bruce cooks for them and I.....Um....well, I can .... crap. Can I come over your house and swim. I hate crowds.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Colleen,

God, I hope not. We used to get told at work that a new supervisor had a great 'vision'... You could count on them being real dolts.

Sure, come on over. We'll have a beer or two while we're at it.


Anonymous said...

How to cash in? Here's an example (Twinkies anyone?):

Dave Rider said...

Hi AnyMouse,

What a great advert! Those Twinkies will be around long after that Silverado turns to rust.

Ford should do some sort of answer ad instead of complaining about it. Of course, they'd have to come up with something after the Mayan 'end days'.