04 July, 2011

A Sad Time

Miss Blue is gone.

She passed away yesterday evening about 8:45 PM, in her sleep. Probably about as peaceful a passing as one could ever hope for.

She had been suffering very recently from massive kidney failure. It's hard to believe that just two weeks ago, Blue, who was almost nineteen years old, had still been ripping around the house like a cat half her age.

Blue came into our lives as an abandoned adolescent cat. She'd been dropped off at some folk's place out in a very rural area in western Washington state. They fed her and cared for her for a couple of weeks before we adopted her from them.
Miss Blue Watching the Fish
As with most domestic cats, she led a hectic life. Most of her days were spent supervising the fish in our pond in our backyard in Olympia. She could come and go, pretty much as she pleased. We had three kitty doors that she and Midas, her 'brother' in our household, had to negotiate to go in and out - one from the family room to the garage, one into a cabinet in the garage, and finally, a third door that actually led them outside onto the patio.
An Affectionate Moment
After we sold the house, she made the move with us to the duplex apartment near the State Capitol campus where she 'went to work' for the Joint Legislative Audit Review Committee (JLARC). She pretty much had the run of their whole office building - which was about two houses away from us. The workers there fed her and made sure she stayed busy for most of the year that we lived there.
On The Patio
Then Blue retired from state service, and joined Dianna and me in our retirement, moving with us to Belize, where she settled in as a house kitty until her passing.
Blue Relaxing
She definitely will be missed. She was a never-ending source of enjoyment for us and she was a great companion. Dianna loves to take naps and Blue was a champion napper.

As they always say in obits, 'In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to your favorite animal shelter/rescue program.' Better yet, go out and bring a new kitty into your life by adopting one. You won't regret it.
Bye Miss Blue. We love you.


sandy a. said...

Sorry to read of Miss Blue's passing. I know she had the best life possible for a cat, with you two.

Vivien said...

Rest in Peace, Miss Blue. There is no doubt she had a good, long and interesting life. She was lucky to end up with you guys. I too, encourage everyone to consider an adoption of a cat or dog from your local animal shelter.

Wilma said...

It is heart-wrenching to loose your long-time companion. I'm glad she went peacefully, much like my JD did 18 months ago. I still miss him every day; but the memories are sweet, as yours will be too.

take care,

Lion Lady said...

Great tribute to the southern lady of Olympia.

ellfae said...

This is a sad story...


JRinSC said...

My last kitty, Sam (for Samantha) had the same ending 4 years ago -- but only at the age of 13. Glad Miss Blue had those extra years. RIP


Lori & dean said...

So sorry for your loss D&D. We sure she had a wonderful trip over the "rainbow bridge" where she will be cared for with as much love as you gave her.

PandR said...

Our condolences too - a little belatedly, but we know haw devastating it is to lose a cuddly member of the family.