12 July, 2011

Thanks Everyone

Thanks everyone for the kind thoughts and comments on Miss Blue's passing. Here's some of the email comments we received in addition to the comments that are on the blog posting.
  • I'm so sorry Miss Blue passed away. Our animals are like our kids and our a part of us. They leave little holes in our hearts when they left us. Memories is all we have. I'm so sorry, sure a loss for you both and Mr Midas too.
  • Sorry about Miss Blue.
  • Thanks for telling us about Miss Blue. I am surprised. Was she sick? I always thought that Midas would go first. I am glad for everyone that she went in her sleep though.
  • So sorry to hear about Miss Blue. No matter how you think you're prepared it just rips through you when it happens. She had a good life though, eh?
  • Cats never complain about pain, they just keep going.
  • Hurts my heart to hear of blues passing. She is at the rainbow bridge waiting for you both.
  • We certainly do remember Blue. She was such a friendly and beautiful cat and we all loved having her visit our office. So sorry to hear she passed away. Thank you for notifying us about Blue. I’ll post her picture for those of us here who knew her.
  • So sorry to hear about your cat. I know how much you loved it.
  • Sorry to hear of Miss Blue's passing.  She lived a good life thanks to you and Dianna. I'm sure you guys as well as Midas will miss her greatly.
  • Miss Blue sailed with a great crew. We all should be so lucky.
  • You all have helped us immeasurably and we appreciate it very much. Thank you.
Dave and Dianna


  1. I am sure by now that other people have stepped forward with this same suggestion but I'm gonna say it anyway.

    "Somewhere in Corozal there is a sweet little kitten just hoping that someone like you comes along to give them a great home."

    I'll bet your puppies will become great friends and guard the little bugger til it grows up enough to jump on their backs!!!

    Time helps but so does holding a little kitten!! Good luck and here's to a quiet hurricane season once again.



  2. I haven't heard from you for a while and I you two are doing ok. I know that it is a hard time when you lose a good friend like Miss Blue. There is only the passing of time that will start to make it easier and I hope that will help you both.

    Just keep your pics of her so you can smile some when you need a "pick up"... my pics of my cats can always make me smile and think of some crazy thing they had done.

  3. Sorry about Midas. You can be happy that you provided him a good life.

  4. Thanks Norm. It's actually a relief that it's all over and done with. Hopefully a little lightheartedness for a while now.



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