27 June, 2011

Some Critters Around The Joint

Our neighbor, Regina, has been active photographing some of the local denizens who hang around here.She was kind enough to let me post them. I thought you might find them interesting.

First up, one of the many frigate birds who keep watch over our coastline, day in and day out.
One of the Many Frigate Birds
 Next, one of our many vultures. They are very beautiful and graceful on the wing and ugly as all get out when they're walking around on the ground. They do provide a valuable service however. There's one who seems to delight in swooping low over our place, which drives Cindy just crazy each time.
One of Our Scavengers - A Vulture
This poor little gibnut was pooped out and somewhat bloody by the time Regina took its picture. It had gotten trapped inside their fence and bloodied its face and was thoroughly exhausted. They had a gate open for it to escape but it kept trying to go through the fence. Finally, just after the picture was taken, it managed to find the gate and made good its escape.
A Pooped Gibnut
One of our big boys who hang out on our canal dock, usually in the afternoons in the sun and warmest part of the day.
One of the Iguanas Hanging By the Canal
 Here's another view of the same guy. He's about four-feet long too and is just sure that he owns everything in sight.
Another Shot of This Feller
Thanks for sharing, Regina. I appreciate it.

1 comment:

  1. Antoinette7/7/11 20:08

    Nice photos, Regina! Your cousins in New York, Virginia, and Washington are thinking about you in your new life in Belize. I saw a T-shirt in Carrboro, NC that said "You better Belize it!"

    Wishing you, Stan, and your neighbors God's blessing in Belize.



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