21 January, 2011

All In The Interest of Safety

Everybody knows that life is dangerous, some more than others. We're stepping up to the plate to do our part.

Although there are things to be said for some tightening up of the ol' gene pool (ala the Darwin Awards), we decided a proactive approach will at least leave our conciounce resting easier at the end of the day.

What some idiot does in spite of our effort to advise them of the potential danger is out of our control. At least we've done our part.

A while back, when Jim and Melanie had sold their house, Jim had the great idea to take his Mayan mural on his dining room wall with him - well, not directly.

What he did was take a photograph of it and headed downtown to Creative Graphics Impressions, on 7th Avenue, and have them print his photo on all-weather vinyl - life sized too. What a great idea! They could take the mural with them wherever they moved.

A couple weeks after they moved, I realized that I'd like a copy of the mural as well. I asked Jim if it was alright and if he'd send me the image, which he did.

I made it down to Creative Graphics and asked them to make a vinyl copy for me, but significantly smaller than life size. I only wanted it about 2' x 1'4", so we could maybe hang it in our pool house. I'll post a picture of it after it's mounted and hung.

I had been playing with the idea of making a crocodile sign for some time, looking for them on the Intertubes, but not finding anything that seemed to strike my fancy.

Finally, I managed to put together a sign that seemed to fill the bill for me. I took the image of the sign I designed down to Creative Graphics and had them make a few aluminum-backed vinyl signs for me.

Both projects took about a week and both turned out to be outstanding. I'll be making a road trip with Doug one of these days to visit a framing shop in Belize City where I'll get the mural mounted onto a painting stretcher board.

I mounted one of the aluminum signs on the fence beside our back canal gate.
It looks pretty dang official and should give the unwary pause before they go dangling legs over the edge of the dock - unless they're really into improving the gene pool.


Wilma said...

Not sure it's the legs dangling over that will improve the gene pool! ;-)

JRinSC said...

Great sign... I need one like that to warn people of the doves hiding in my backyard during the winter snows. When I go out to fill the bird feeders there must be at least 20 of the buggers blasting off together... startles me every time!! LOL


Jim Voris said...

One idea breeds another. I didn't know they had aluminum backed signs - that is too cool. Will look forward to seeing your finished Maya painting hung on the wall.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Wilma,

I almost spewed my coffee. That was funny!

Hi Julian,

You should hire Secret to catch those little guys. She's deadly here in our yard.

Hi Jim,

It'll be sometime in the next week or so that I'll be heading to the frame shop in Belize. I'll make a posting when I do. Did it ever get warmer there?


Jim Voris said...

Yes, a bit warmer, in shorts & short sleeves but not like your's (I have watched your great weather station) - but then it's not like up north either. God they are getting pounded w/ice/snow. My Son said the freezing rain left 2 inches of solid ice over everything and they now have a anticipated 2 feet of snow on the way.