01 February, 2011

Sometimes There's An Opportunity

Sometimes you just have to wonder about the truth of the old sayings...

For example. One that comes to mind is 'Why is there always time to do something over, when there just wasn't enough time to do it right in the first place?'

Case in point. Tony's Inn and Beach Resort is having their large sign on the Northern Highway repainted...
Fix It Again, Tony
One of those oddities of English - Dinner and Dining. The caption, borrowed from my youth, when a good friend of mine had a Fiat sports car. We always said, with an Italian accent, of course...


JRinSC said...

I agree on the sign, but what about the one a few yards down the way that proudly proclaims:


I really like it as it is... cute and kinda sets the tone. But definitely done their way. LOL

Any discussion of the cruise ship mess in your area?


Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

That sign, by the Rotary Club, has just recently been painted and, I think, the error on that sign has been corrected.

No discussion here that I've heard of regarding the cruise ship industry. I do know from what I've read, the cruise industry really knows how to keep every last penny in their own pockets. From what I've read, they seem to try to keep as much money as possible from flowing back into the host country.