27 November, 2010

Thanks Jim and Melanie

Two of the nicest people anywhere are leaving to move back to Florida. Jim and Melanie are packing things up and stashing them into the container (already on a trailer too) that's parked in their front yard.

The inside of their house is beginning to look like they don't live there any more. Even the hand-made bar is gone.

Yesterday, at the 'appointed time and place', we celebrated our last happy hour on the patio, pool-side at Jim and Melanie's.

If it's not the end of an era, it's certainly been a good run of several years. We're just thankful we were able to be part of it for three and a half of those.

Thanks, guys.
Our Very Gracious Hosts - Jim & Melanie Voris
Dino & Maya Having a Conversation
Dianna & Twyla
A Long Shot
Nigel On The Bench
Judy & Wendy & Roger &
Donna's Mom & Melanie & Tony
Jim Making Drinks
Melanie Holding Forth
Folks In The Sun
Wendy With Her Camera
Donna & Helene (But everyone knew Her as Nancy)
Brad and Some Friends
Breadman (I'm hungry!)
Catherine and Jim
Sandra and Loreta
Christina and Jim
We'll get by somehow. It's not going to be easy. We'll all miss you very much. Have a safe journey back to the world and remember, you're always welcome back here anytime. We love you both very much.

All of us


Jim Voris said...

Thank you for the kind remarks. We have really enjoyed hosting the Friday Happy Hours. There will be a hole left in my heart not seeing you all at least every week. It has been a wonderful 7 years 3 months here. We will miss all of you a lot.
Jim & Melanie

Lion Lady said...

I know how you feel, I felt that way when D & D left.