27 November, 2010

Finally, Properly Vented

My thanks to Billy for finding and bringing down some double-walled 3" water heater vent pipe, elbows, and vent cap for me to use with our on-demand water heaters. I finally got one set installed so you can see just how clean the installation looks.

I thought I would be able to get the vent holes bored in the concrete for the Mennonite house and the pool house in a couple hours... Ha, ha! As usual, it took much longer (as things do). Three hours or so just to get the one for the Mennonite house done. So, that's as far as I got done.

I had to take the air chisel back so Jim could pack it as they're moving back to Florida after having sold their house. I'll shop on Ebay or Craig's List or something for a cheap air chisel so I can finish the project. There's certainly no rush in any case.

I also got the screen mounted over the air circulation holes in the wall beside the water heater.
Water Heater and Vent Pipe
And, here's what it looks like from the outside. Pretty cool installation.
Vent Pipe Outside
All the pieces are double-walled (as in the photos below) except the cap.
Double-Walled Elbow
Double-Walled Straight Pipe
Vent Cap
The elbows are articulated so they can be adjusted to whatever angle you desire. I finished it off for now with self-tapping sheet metal screws to help hold it all in place. As soon as I can find my metal strapping tape, I'll add that to secure the outside from hurricanes and such.


JRinSC said...

Hi Dave,

Just curious... if you find and buy/win the drill on eBay. How do you get it shipped? It can't come direct, I wouldn't think. Do you end up paying duty on it?

Your installation looks great... of course if I had your pool right there where I could cool off and re-think things every now and then I might do better with my projects...LOL.


Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

That's a good question. If I'm lucky, I'll find someone who's coming down anyway. I ply them with dreams of beers to come and they offer to throw it into their checked luggage (TSA would probably freak out if someone tried to bring it in carry-on). Whether or not there's duty to be paid depends entirely on the Customs folks at the airport/border. As long as the plyee has the receipt from eBay, the duty would be a portion of that sale price. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Thanks for the comment on the installation. Ahhh, you've discovered my secret on these projects. It requires many hours of cooling off and re-thinking!