16 November, 2010

Scary, Scary

Halloween came right on time this year. Unfortunately, my posting can't have the same thing said about it.

I know - the dog ate it, so I had to redo everything. Yeah, that's it.

Anyway, Jim and Melanie held their annual Halloween party. Everyone showed up in costume (I think they were in costume...). It was a potluck affair and there was way more than enough to eat.

Jim took a collection for a keg of Belikin. More on that later.

Miss Peacock

Here's Miss Peacock, all decked out. A couple of friends, Edna and Ada, helped Dianna put her costume together. Edna was able to find a bunch of peacock feathers in Chetumal and it all just went together like clockwork.
I had started out to devise a costume based on a painting. I was going to be the painting and my head would protrude through the frame. That turned out to be too hard. My next thought was to be Dilbert. I found a cool costume idea for that on the Instructables Website ( But that would have been impossible to stay in. the mask, a full head mask, would have been made of very thin foam and would have become an oven in short order.

So, I went looking in town for some last minute inspiration (as men tend to do). I found it at Cinty's, of course. And, it was half-price too! An added bonus. So, I became a weaponless ninja warrior. At first blush, there was thought that I could pass more for Osama Bin Ladin, but alas, no AK-47. So, ninja it was.
Fearless Ninja Warrior
Pseudo Jim

This character isn't our host. Although Bill does a pretty fair imitation of Jim - complete with extra-large drink mug.
But, then again, here's the real McCoy, only he's dressed up as a biker dude. Pretty bad-ass kinda guy, y'know? He's also the host of this soiree.
Jim the Biker Dude
And then, the Belle of the Ball, Miss Melanie, Jim's wife. She makes a pretty nice geisha. BTW, she's the hostess of the party.
Our Geisha Hostess

Couple of the other guests, Morton and Anna, enjoying Halloween by the pool.
Halloween By the Pool
Roger the Tourist

Here's Roger AKA a 'tourist killing time' sitting with our 'Pseudo Jim'.
We had another geisha, Donna along with her mother as an African Queen.
Geisha Donna and  the African Queen
A Closer Look

A closer shot of Donna's Costume.
Donna's mother made a delightful African Queen.
An African Queen

And then, like something out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, here's Nigel. Great effort on the costume.
Then there was the pirate, Gary, and his faithful companion, Dino. Gary's costume was good, but Dino's was the hit of the party. Gary and Dino are recent arrivals from Spain.
Gary and Dino

Flame Girl Adds Some Heat

Flame Girl? Super Heroine Sandra taking time out from crime fighting to join in the fun.
And, now we have one of the coolest costumes, fit for the circus, it's Gail, taking a break from her midwifery duties as a clown.
Party Clown
Cornelius Visiting the Party

Right out of Planet of the Apes, it's Cornelius... or is it Earl?
A delightful maid who loves to sing, it's Janette, just pining and waiting for her chance at the karaoke machine that Jim had.
Just A Karaoke Maid
Dino's Always On

Dino just loves to clown for the camera. Whenever he sees a lens, he's all showman. His costume is a full-time gig.
Dino's eying Miss Peacock. He likes to be the showy one at a party.
Gary, Dino & Dianna
Doctors Roger and Wendy

Medical aid to the rescue, even with their large syringe. It's 'doctors' Roger and Wendy, plying their trade, looking for victims... er, patients.
One of the nicest things about Halloween is the chow. We're all too old for all the candy, so it was a potluck affair. Here's Marta, Jim and Melanie's erstwhile housekeeper taking care of the food and fittings for it. She's done a great job as always.
Marta and Melanie At the Food Line
Lynn the Skeleton

Winning the prize for best makeup at the party was this skeleton... Lynn. Her makeup was so well done, it was hard to look directly at her during a conversation.
Here's a couple of likely looking guys, Craig, as a Jimmie Buffet sort of guy (love the golden locks), and Gerard, a veritable swashbuckling pirate.
Craig and Gerard
Unfortunately, I didn't get all the photos I thought I would get. I can only blame it on the keg of Belikin. Jim's caretaker, Carlos, has a son, George, who was the bartender for the party. Not only that, but he also had to prepared the 'Hello, I'm _ _ _ _ _' name tags for each attendee. I thought I had a photo of George, but like so many others, that escaped the magic lens, I forgot to click the shutter or something.

Anyway, you get the idea. We had a wonderful time, ate and drank our fill, and talked and admired each others costumes. Thanks to Jim and Melanie for being such super hosts, again.


JRinSC said...

It looks like y'all had a whole lot more fun than we did. I went up and down the stairs to the bonus (computer) room 50 times that night. Good exercise -- and every trip meant less candy for me to eat!!!


Unknown said...

Halloween in Belize is pretty much the same as here - except for the snow! Where were the trick or treat bags?

Dave Rider said...

Hi Allen,

What's 'snow'?

The only trick or treating I'm aware of happened out in Consejo Shores. Of course, we're a bit off the beaten path for a couple pieces of candy.


Lion Lady said...

Yo D & D:
Been out of state to FL and had to catch up on the back blogs etc. In the Halloween Party blog, your costume reminds me of one of King Author's knights guarding the Holy Grail not a nija. It sure looks like y r having fun !

Dave Rider said...

Hi Jeanette,

Now that you mention it, it does look like a knight. Wish I'd thought of that. I probably would have spoken as though I was in a Shakespeare play all evening. It was a lot of fun.