13 November, 2010

Getchur Weather Right Here

Winjama Weather. Right here in Corozal, Belize (NOTE: This is a followup to my original weather post of a few days ago.). Get accurate weather conditions from right here in Corozal (actually, from right on top of my guesthouse), instead of  from the Chetumal Airport or from Goldson International Airport in Belize City. Here's some links where you can find my station's weather reported (Or, you can just click on the Winjama Weather link in the right column and bypass all this):
Personal Weather Stations (PWS) - Current Corozal weather (WINJAMAWX is my station's identifier on PWS has a nice and easy to understand layout. is a partnership between HAMweather, LLC and, LLC. The purpose is to bring together data from personal weather stations worldwide and display it so that it can be easily accessed by anyone on the Internet.
Weather Underground - You'll find current Corozal weather (ICOROZAL3 is my station's identifier on Weather Underground). Weather Underground delivers free, reliable, real-time and accurate online weather information worldwide to millions of Web users. - Current Corozal weather from Winjama Station (my station). - Google Earth Winjama station's location
findU is a database archiving weather data which comes from an Internet-based system called the Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP). CWOP collects weather data and in turn, makes it available for anyone. There are over 8,000 registered CWOP members world-wide. CWOP members send their weather data by internet to findU where it is then sent to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) who then distributes the data to over 500 organizations, such as:
  • National Weather Service Weather Forecast Offices
  • National Transportation Safety Board
  • NASA - Kennedy Space Center and Marshall Space Flight Center
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and many others - If you click on the station located over Belize, you should get brief local Corozal weather from my station, WINJAMAWX.
Thousands of Personal Weather Stations fill the gaps between professional government and commercial weather stations. provides weather information, much of which cannot be found elsewhere, and all without distracting pop-up or animated advertising.
It might sound like a lot of work on my part. All I do is sit and watch the little whirly-gig whiz around. Everything else is done by the computer. Actually, I spent some amount of time getting the station set up and figuring out through the, at times, obtuse instructions from the various sites, how to send Winjama weather to each location. Once that was done, barring accidents, it's just sit back, have a cool one, and observe. Hmmm, I wonder. Is that why they call them weather observers?


Wilma said...

Cool, Dave!

I can see on Google Reader that you have a new post called "Scary, Scary" but when I try to go to the real page, it says it doesn't exist. Have you actually posted it yet, or are you still working on it?


Dave Rider said...

Hi Wilma,

It's a new one that's still being worked on. For some reason, my software went berserk for a while and every time I hit the enter key, it was doing weird stuff. Hopefully, that's all done for now. I'm hoping I'll get that posted tomorrow.