26 December, 2009

More Christmas Stuffing

Don't be misled by the title. I meant, not the dish, but us, stuffing ourselves. Yesterday evening, we went over to Elsie's, along with Doug (his wife Twyla is currently freezing in Canada at her folks) and Denis and Vivien for a very nice turkey dinner. Of course, I had to have two full helpings - it was so good. I just got absolutely stuffed. Not only was the food good, but we all shared some very nice red wine, which was a welcome treat. Nice conversation, nice food, nice people. Thanks Elsie.
Christmas Dinner At Elsie's
Elsie was nice enough to let me use the photo above (Thanks, Elsie). Mine came out, but was way too dark to use,.

Also, yesterday, again while walking the doggies, we came into downtown to visit the market. The only vendor open was a couple of Rastafarians who had pulled up with their car, unloaded several crates of fruit and veggies and, of course, had some vintage reggae just blasting from their vehicle stereo system - the proverbial 'jukebox on wheels'. Anyway, I needed to get some bananas, so I stopped and chatted for a bit and bought the 'nanners' from them. After putting them into Secret's pack we headed out from downtown up 6th Avenue, which is a bona fide street, although to look at it, you'd swear it's just an alley way.

A couple of blocks up 6th, we were passing a small wooden house. I glanced over and saw a touching Christmas display. I had to rein in the girls and snap a photo of the scene.
Christmas in Corozal
Their tree and decorations took up half of their entry stoop. They even had a table still set up from their Christmas dinner the previous evening. I just thought it was a very nice shot of local Christmas. The conch shells lend a particular flair to the scene.

Well, everyone now will be gearing up for New Year's Eve, once they've slept off last night's celebrations. The band or DJ that played last night at the Swing Bar, also known as the Jam Rock (we call it Corozal's only Irish pub - Jam Rock... Shamrock...), played till 4:00 AM. No wonder things were moving slow downtown this morning. The music had to have been deafening - Jam Rock is over a mile from our house as the crow flies, and we could hear it with no problem. Thank goodness we have a white noise machine in the bedroom. We'd have never gotten to sleep without it.

I forgot to mention that Wendy came over and brought us the nicest bag of stuff for a Christmas present. Some pistachio nuts, a couple of little Christmas tree ornaments, a hot pad, and the cutest wine bottle - skirt I guess you'd call it. Looks pretty cool. Thanks Wendy.
Wendy's Cool Present
And, of course, I can't quit without one shot of Dianna hard at work in the kitchen making Christmas chocolate chip cookies.
Dianna, Baking Cookies
And, not that I'd say anything, but if you know how Dianna cooks, well, let's just say that sometimes the kitchen looks like a bomb has gone off in it when she's done. Although you can't tell from the picture, the kitchen was something like that description. She convinced me to wash the dishes - a small price to pay for some good cookies.