24 December, 2009

The Sun's Taking It's Time

After last night's fun party at Peggy and Manny's, with so much lobster to go around (you know there's a ton of it when Peggy gives you a couple of foil-wrapped packs with two lobster tails in each one). I was stuffed.

Poor Dianna, was still laid low from the colds we've suffered with, so she didn't go. I took Denis and Vivien, our 'new'neighbors (they own the house) across the street, along with me. It was a great time. I'm guessing, there were probably 50 people at the party. In fact, when we left, folks were still arriving!

So, with a full tummy, I slept well last night. Leaving the house this morning for walkies with the girls, it's a good thing Perry gave me such a cool little flashlight - 9-LED's, powered by three AAA batteries. When I turn it on, it definitely lights up the area, keeping errant cars well away from us on the very dark road from our house.

Since we just passed the winter solstice on the 21st, here's a picture I took on the walk this morning, just as we were approaching Corozal Bay Resort. There's a vacant lot next door with palms right at the water's edge where it meets the bay.
False Dawn
The sun was just barely stirring, not even quite up yet. That period known as 'false dawn' where everything is bathed in shades of black and gray. Some colors were just beginning to appear in the sky. In fact, it wasn't till we passed the Thunderbolt pier before the sun actually arose.

Just another day in paradise. I'm continually amazed that we get treated to views like this every day. The vacation never ends.

I did have to drive back into town late this morning to stop at Corozal Distributors - not for Belikin this time, but to score a case of Coke Lite. Traffic was heavier than I've ever seen it on the Northern Highway through town. I guess everyone heading to Grandma's place or some other place for Christmas. Trying to get there before Santa starts doing his thing this evening - if he ever gets away from our pool...

Hope you have a nice Christmas. Be careful shoveling snow (whatever that is); save room for desert; and if you have to drive, drive with caution. Merry Christmas!

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