27 December, 2009

Still No Bags In Sight

Ok, we're done with Christmas, although the tree traditionally won't come down till a day or two after New Year's, I'm ready to get back to the projects at hand.

That would be the bulkhead project. But, there's a problem there. We still don't have any more bags. As is the norm here in Belize, everyone talked as though their arrival was imminent, in fact they would more than likely be here the next day. Uh huh. So, here we are waiting.

There's also a slight problem that needs correcting. After packing gravel behind the concrete bags and around the drain pipes, the workers put marl in the rest of the void. Of course now, the marl has turned to an almost quicksand-like mush. That has to come out and be replaced completely with gravel. It was a nice idea, but totally defeats the purpose of what the gravel was supposed to do. That is, to provide support to the bank against the bulkhead - not turn to soup and be of no use. We'll get that taken care of when work resumes.

So, since there's no bags, and no workers right now (in fact they took the 'machine' away day before yesterday, I assume to use it on another project, probably that doesn't require bags), I have a few more photos that I took this morning during walkies.
Early Morning Fishermen
Again, during the false dawn period this morning, as we approached the Thunderbolt pier, there were a couple of fishermen poling their skiffs along and they periodically cast their nets, probably netting sardines for fishing for larger fish later on.
Poling Gently Along
As you can tell, it's another sleepy morning in Corozal. Hardly anyone was stirring as we walked. It's Boxing Day - the legal holiday today (It would have fallen on Saturday), but you can't have a meaningful holiday on a weekend, can you?
Watching the Sardines Below
And, so it goes. It turned into a wonderful, still, sunny and not too warm morning. I ran the pool pump for a while, supervising it since it is leaking. Jim, who's in Florida, was kind enough to allow me to have a seal kit shipped to him to bring down, so I can get the pump repaired. While the pump was running, I checked the temperature of the pool. Almost 80° (F), entirely too cold to even think about having pool time today. Dang it.

Not only is it a sleepy day in Corozal, but here at Casa Winjama, we've decided to relax and just go with the flow. Reading and maybe a movie or two will be the order of the day. After all, the girls and I did do three and a half miles already. That passes for our one project a day, for today.

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