14 September, 2009

Visit To Donna's Place

Just yesterday Dianna and i made an excursion out to Copper Bank. Donna had called us a half-hour earlier inviting us out to swim at their beach. We had just been lounging around the casa, laying in our individual pools of sweat, trying to figure out if we had enough energy to head down to the pool. It's been over a week since any meaningful rain, and just about a total absence of a breeze. It does get hot.

We had been meaning for ages to go visit Donna and Enrique. But, something always came up, and it's so far to Copper Bank, and it's dusty, and the road's bumpy, and..., and..., Well, with Donna's call, we were galvanized. I made a quick call to see if Doug and Twyla wanted to go, but they were occupied with other things. So, we grabbed a cooler full of beer, our swimming togs, and away we went down the road toward the Copper Bank ferry.

Surprisingly, the road was in pretty good condition. Well, that's relative as the last time we had run it , they were still mid-way in the repairs of the road from Hurricane Dean. Of course that was a year ago. Not the hurricane, the repairs. Things take time.

Anyway, we got to the ferry. We only had to wait about three or four minutes for it to get back to our side of the New River. A quick ride a across the river and a leisurely drive at 30 MPH and no A/C to Copper Bank. The road wasn't even too dusty - an unexpected bonus!
Since we had never been to Donna's Place Restaurant, we decided we'd come over early and grab a bite to eat, then head to their house. We lucked out and caught Donna and Enrique both still at the restaurant.

Right away, we had a couple of beers, you know, to wash away the dust from the trail. Then we took a look at the menu on the wall (Behind Donna in the picture below). What caught our eye was the lobster burger, with fries. Who could resist that?
Donna At Donna's Place in Copper Bank
Mmmmm, good! Y',know,if Donna's was in Corozal, I'm afraid the lobster burger would have to be entered into the best burger in Corozal competition. With fries done to perfection, we have us a winnah! In the words of Jules, in the movie Pulp Fiction - "Mmm-mmmm. That is a tasty burger."
Enrique Fixing A Rum & Coke
Just as we finished eating and settling up for the bill, it started to lightly rain.
Donna's Place Front Door
  We followed Donna in her Jeep, and Enrique took off on his quad. Their home is east of town just about to Cerros, except on the south side of the peninsula, and a good mile or so off the main road. Just as we were leaving the main area of Copper Bank, the heavens opened up. It really rained hard for a couple of minutes. I know Enrique got drenched.

By the time we actually got to their house, "Suena del Mar" (Sounds of the Sea), the sun was shining, the ground was dry and all was well with the universe once again.
Donna and Enrique's House
Donna showed us around the place. She has some super kitchen cabinets. I think she said they were made in Orange Walk. 
Donna and Her Kitchen Cabinets
Next, we headed downstairs to the beach. We sat and enjoyed a beer or two, then decided it was time to jump into the water.
Good Beer, Good Friends, Good Conversation
Their beach has a nice, sandy bottom and the water was at least as warm as it is in our pool. What a view from their place, though. Right across the bay from their beach is the Orchid Bay development which apparently has really slowed down now due to the recession and all.
Getting Into the Water
Altogether, Donna and Enrique have about 750 feet of waterfront - all of it gorgeous. Talk about paradise.

After a good hour or two of splashing around, we got back out, dried off in the sun, and Donna showed us their guesthouse.

Donna and Enrique's Guesthouse
It's a nice little one-bedroom affair with bathroom and shower, kitchen, living room and screened-in porch.

What a nice afternoon we spent with Donna and Enrique. A couple of super people. Thanks guys for inviting us. We had just the best time. We want to do it again, soon!

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