14 September, 2009

Guess What? Hailey's Is Alright

I know when Hailey's Beach Bar and Restaurant opened, I was pretty skeptical (, especially regarding the potential for noise and whatnot. Mostly the whatnot being trash and other debris scattered around.
Hailey's Beach Bar and Restaurant Redux
Well, I'm pleased to let you know that my skepticism was misplaced. Dianna and I went with Doug and Twyla the other evening (ok, late afternoon) down there. We rode with them to Hailey's.
Haley's features back-in parking in their lot. Kind of adventurous for all you non-emergency response types out there (a hallmark of cops, firefighters, EMTs, etc., etc., seems to be parking for that quick getaway. You never know when the balloon is going to go up. Anyway, we successfully parked in the lot... then.

It had been a different story the previous day when Doug and I stopped in for a couple of beers. He drove then and, as we were backing into place - Wham! It felt like we hit a brick wall. What the hell was there that we hit? We both jumped out to look. Who put that tree there? Well, no damage done other than mild whiplash to both of our necks and to Doug's prestige as an ace Belize driver. Doug now owns a bumper with a nicely wrinkled vinyl corner piece.

Of course, the girls had to inspect the tree for damage from the incident. Then we went into Hailey's. Nicely done inside, clean and bright. We grabbed a booth (all right, the booth) and sat down. Reggae music was playing from their sound system, but surprisingly, at a level that you could still carry on a conversation at your table without getting hoarse in the process.

One of the very nice things about Hailey's is the Belikin is on-tap. That's right, on-tap. As in draft. Served cold in cold, almost frosty glass mugs. What a treat! Well, we downed a couple of mugs while we perused the menu, Twyla opted for a chicken meal (Chicken Botanica) and the rest of us opted for Hailey's burger with fries.

Surprise, surprise. Food arrived at about the same time, as did more beer in newly chilled mugs. And was it ever good. I had written about the best burgers in Corozal before (, that being Butchies and Scotty's. Well, I think there just might be another "contenda". Hailey's burgers were easily in the same league. I think this bears further testing by other folks as well to corroborate the data.

The Chicken Botanica was no slouch either. I plan to order that next time we head into Hailey's.

We were pleasantly surprised with good, friendly service, cold draft beer, and some excellent chow. Hey, "It don't git no better." And, you know what's really cool? For us, Hailey's is within walking distance. A double bonus.


Vivien said...
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Vivien said...

Good to hear another choice exists close by. Denis will be overjoyed that they have Belikin on tap. Does the place have a decent view of the bay from where you sit?

Dave Rider said...

Hi Viv, At Hailey's you're only about 10 feet away from the bay and from a great view of it too.