15 September, 2009

How Many Geckos Does It Take...

Aw, it's the old joke you know and love, but here's visual proof.

Altogether now... "How many geckos does it take to catch a butterfly?" Apparently more than this. It seems that these boys may not be "the sharpest tacks in the box."

Speaking of "sharpest tacks", try out this link (http://forums.aliensoup.com/archive/index.php/t-1289.html) for a whole load of similar witticisms

"Looky There... No, Over There"

Five geckos were after this enticing butterfly for about 10 minutes the other day. The geckos are on an inside corner post of our screened front porch. The butterfly seemed to take delight in flitting from one side of the post to the other, flying directly over the geckos and of course, getting them all excited in the process.

Geckos seem to only want to venture out on the screen material for short dashes. I think they don't like the texture, or maybe the spaces, of nylon screening. These little guys were pretty much left with hanging around the corner post. It was really fun watching them crane their necks to try and follow the butterfly's movements.

Being a charter subscriber to Short Attention-Span Theatre, I could only watch for so long. I can't report on the final outcome, although I suspect, with as much fun as the butterfly was having with these guys, they were left tangled up in knots and with no lunch either.

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